Can't I put it on by touch-typing? Is it troublesome to practice?

When touch-typing can be done, it's possible to increase the future time.

A PC still wanted to be widely used around a student, so I practiced by a typewriter of Olivetti. There was a motivation to which I say "I'd like to strike a key coolly." in case of me, but how about everyone? It was regarded as the effect of the touch-typing about a motivation.

We may not also assume "It's also troublesome to practice and, because it isn't necessary in particular." a notice from first for the person who can hit it with earliness certain degree of using an index book. A PC just was made and was being the proper time. I think touch-typing is necessary. It isn't possible, it's better for it to be possible more and I think when I resemble that you can ride a bicycle now.


First I think I hope that you find the own reason to give a mind to do and a motivation. If touch-typing is done, it can be proud. It's rewarded for your husband and wife. I think everything is good.

When touch-typing is done, there is an impression. The impression when wearing glasses for the first time! The impression when making it contact for the first time! The impression when a bicycle could take it! The impression when 2 feet were arranged in order, and it could stop at ski! Touch-typing is forming gradually, so there may be no impressions with such dramatic change, but I think one looks proud.

That it's spent comfortably with ZU from here or it's just as it is and that good? A keyboard is seen, a screen is seen, a keyboard is seen again and a screen is seen again, and, I search umm for the character, and, 、、、. It's transmitted to a fingertip from the state that I was searching a keyboard for a word, was informing a finger and was striking a keyboard naturally that I thought touch-typing could be done, and you play. Thought will be a word in a screen and show immediately. Such world is waiting. It's freed from pain of aversion to a PC and character input.

The merit of the touch-typing will be raised.

  • Only a screen should be seen.
  • Time can be saved.
  • Character input isn't troublesome.
  • It isn't irritated any more.
  • I come to like a PC.
  • Idea will be sentences immediately.
  • A keyboard will be something casual like a pencil.
  • Fatigue of an eye becomes little.
  • I don't have stiff shoulders.
  • You can make up with work efficiently.
  • Work is broad-minded.
  • The appearance is cool.


Time to be hitting a keyboard with 1 finger and 2 and practice time a little now compared with the spent total hours too much in the future is just a little. The life without practicing a bicycle, which can fall down with the life which doesn't ride a bicycle, even make a bruise, practice and take it now, and can be spent much comfortably. Which would you like? The life which just takes a passenger seat of a car and the life which can drive a car freely. Which would you like?

It may be exaggerated a little, but without becoming a silly prejudice first, I think it's important to try. The person who could read can be done now by all means to here.


It was written about a motivation to touch-typing this time. When practice was disagreeably, I think if you'd read this article again. It'll be written about preparations of practice of very easy touch-typing by the next article.