In the Suica commutation ticket, the Suica point collects. What is the Suica point?

That a Suica point collects, "mobile Suica" and "view card with Suica", just, a Suica pass and card type MySuica (registration style) could be registered now.

A pass could be used now, so I thought I'll register just in case and checked it about a Suica point. When a point is saved, e-cash can exchange it for "Suica point", and it can be used now by the carfare and "NEW DAYS" etc.. I call that I'll can use it by e-cash of Suica a charge and am here.

I need registration to "Suica point club" every card to correspond to a Suica point.


The flow until a point is saved and charged will be as follows.

  1. I register with "Suica point club" (only the beginning).
  2. Suica is used at a member store of "kiosk" and "NEW DAYS" etc..
  3. If a Suica point collects, I apply for a charge by "Suica point club".
  4. A Suica point is charged to a card of the request by an automatic ticket vending machine in the station.

Then it isn't possible to charge "VIEW ALTTE (BYUARUTTE" in the station. The exchange rate to the e-cash is "10 points = 10 yen" from a Suica point.


Other small rules.

  • Lowest exchange point: 100 points
  • The exchange point unit: 10 points
  • The upper limit point: 10,000 points
  • An exchange rate: 10 point-> of 10 yen
  • A point on the card everything registered is added up.
  • Charge operation is needed in an automatic ticket vending machine in the station within 7 days from the next day in a date of application, but when being not charged in the time limit, I return to the Suica point account.
  • When the sum of the balance of charged Suica and the charge amount of application by the automatic ticket vending machine exceeds 20,000 yen, it can't be charged.
  • Time which can be charged is seven o'clock-twenty-four o'clock.
  • The automatic ticket vending machine which can be charged is an automatic ticket vending machine with a "Suica" mark in the station of JR East.


The point giving rate at the member store of a Suica point drops by a store, and is different. "KIOSK" "NEWDAYS" "BECK'S COFFEE SHOP" etc. is 1 point for 200 yen.
"Drink vending machine in the station", "time rental parking lot Times" "Gala Yuzawa" "Kinokuniya" "ecute" etc. is 1 point for 100 yen. When buying a plastic bottle of green tea and juice, a vending machine is profitable, said, it'll be, won't it?


Validity of a point is from a point acquisition day to the following end of the fiscal year (the end of March) in 2 years at the most.
For example
  It's effective until point-> March 31st in 2011 for the acquisition on April 1st in 2009.
  It's effective until point-> March 31st in 2011 for the acquisition on March 31st in 2010.
  It's effective until point-> March 31st in 2012 for the acquisition on April 1st in 2010.


When charging it to a Suica pass from a VIEW card, a point sticks. This point is ambiguous, "Suica point", it'll be "view thanks point". This will be also checked, won't it?

What and, a cake set is 600 yen! Cafe in a happy hunting ground "KEYUCA CAFE & SWEETS"

It's inexpensive and is a cafe in a fashionable happy hunting ground. Nowadays, the cake set of 600 yen is inexpensive, isn't it?

A for here cafe in KEYUKA in "Shin Yokohama prince PEPE" "KEYUCA CAFE & SWEETS".

KEYUKA  Shin Yokohama prince PEPE store "KEYUCA CAFE & SWEETS"  3-4, Shinyokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi  Shin-yokohama prince Pepe 3F.


A store was very uncrowded in the place Oku danced. While taking a break after shopping I came near. By far the most, cake sets are 600 yen and the one all drinks as well as coffee black tea can choose as a drink inexpensively. I chose cafe Mocha coffee. A bubble was on cafe Mocha coffee lightly on the coffee, a flower was designed with chocolate syrup. The tableware also feel all dressing up at the small place by something of KEYUCA. How were a seat and a table?


"KEYUCA" is the interior shop where original furniture and miscellaneous goods are handled, and "KEYUCA CAFE & SWEETS" is the cafe established attached to that. I also have a lunch menu pasta and a sandwich as well as a cafe. You can also make lunch a drink set by+ of 100 yen, and it's very reasonable.


"Afternoon Tea (afternoon tea)" is famous at an establishing as an annex cafe in a miscellaneous goods shop, but the menu here is expensive, isn't it? "KEYUCA CAFE & SWEETS" but an inexpensive reason is because it's "self-service cafe". Water, syrup and a fork are prepared by themselves and tableware lowering after meal is also done by itself.

By the way, we ordered "cafe Mocha coffee, Mont-blanc cake, KEYUCA cafe latte and red true pudding tart". It's quiet and done slowly, so when having come to the neighborhood again, I think I'd like to drop in. I think I'll try and see lunch this time.

When a good cafe could be found, you're somewhat happy, right?

A mama is 1 year old, too. A dad is 1 year old, too. About child rearing, a dad and a mama are 1 year old.

I met very striking advertisement.

"A mama is 1 year old, too. A dad is 1 year old, too.".

It was found by advertisement in the train, I think a very filled with deep emotion phrase. The person who considered this phrase is wonderful, isn't he?


When a child was born for the first time, a married couple will be a dad and be a mama. A child, a dad and a mama are a start from this day. When a first child was 1 year old, a mama and a dad are 1 year old.

My child was 5 years old, but when I looked back, various things were here. Cry at night, tympanitis and going up and down of a stroller and stairs on the day when it rains. A child was cradled in a train when being crowded, while paying regard to the turn and made sure that it won't be annoying.

It's a first thing of course, so anything can't work. A lot of supporters have a wife in the neighborhood, and the parent and a friend can give to a child and bring up much generous affection.


You offered your seat by train from a person around, too, so that a parent might pour out his affection on a child and I received warm consideration and smiling face. Even if I have a mother accompanied by the baby who is making noise and is crying in now, it can be judged from a warm eye.

It's that there is a child and while I don't notice, seems to be growing naturally. You have a heart of a dad and a mama abundantly in change in affection to a child, right? Thank you very much.

I was a child of course, too, so are you making my parent grow? Even if I'll be an adult, I'm a child forever for a parent. It's surrounded, is surrounded and is the world and the one I'm going around well.

The way to change description (the explanation of a blog) automatically every individual page

It's the way to change the explanation of a blog every article in Blogger in Google. I also touch only a little about a ninja blog.

When using jQuery and JavaScript, the favorite character is put in a favorite place, and thinks it can be replaced. I'll introduce the way which can be done easily using a variable of Blogger about the way to change the "explanation of" a blog indicated by the fixed character automatically every article here.


description (the explanation of a blog) is the explanation indicated under the title of the blog. This also depends on template, but I think it's the following description.

<p class='description'><span><data:description/></span></p>

"class='description'" establishes text color and a font in CSS. A part of "data:description" is the part which is exchanged for the explanation established on the setting screen of Blogger. It's possible to be to make this the variable Blogger offers and change it automatically every article of a blog.


Unfortunately, a variable such as the outlines and summaries is fed in Blogger  There is only something which can be used by a widget. The variable they seem able to use is about "the blog article whole" or "the title of the individual article". "The blog article whole" then, 2 bodies are shown and are insignificant, so the title of the individual article of a blog is made the way shown to the explanation of a blog. I think this is also so insignificant, but it may be a good one more than an explanation of the same blog is always indicated.

<p class='description'><span><data:description/></span></p>

A part above-mentioned is rewritten as follows.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
  <p class='description'><span><data:blog.pageName/></span></p>
  <p class='description'><span><data:description/></span></p>

If it's good, please try. My blog is being also replaced already. Write an individual article, and indicate Labels and Archive, and please check it. description will be the article title only at an individual article.


By the way, "ninja blog" then, there is a variable which indicates the first 100byte of an article body.

<meta name="description" content="<!--$entry_description-->" />


When including in METATAGU as mentioned above, it's securely like SEO, isn't it? ?!


It becomes different from talk of customization, but I think there is a lot of something which has no METATAGU in a template of Blogger. I think it's better to add METATAGU of "description" and "keyword".


A lot of people offer customization method to Blogger on the Web site. For example don't you want the function which "reads continuation" as good customization? When searching for this by "Blogger  Continuation is read." etc., many methods are understood, so please consult that. Several reference sites are carried.

How can I create expandable post summaries?(Blogger Help)
Creating 'After the jump' summaries(Blogger Help)
The function which "reads continuation" in Blogger is introduced, good one. Something bad.).
The function which "also reads continuation" in Blogger (Blogger of chestnut Bow  Guide)
The way to introduce the link which "reads continuation" in Blogger (iPhone atelier)
The way which shows a label page of Blogger to only the contribution title (Blogger customization information blog)


I couldn't be absorbed in customization and write an article easily before, so I think the customization will be made moderate in now, and spends time on a person who enriches an article.

I think the last customization will be "Movable Type" and "WordPress", but Blogger can use a variable and loop, so when reaching, it seems possible variously, doesn't it?

How to use "Aero Snap" and the way to invalidate "Aero Snap"

There is something as "Aero Snap" in the new function of Windows7. When I'd like to stick out of a screen and move, it was inconvenient conversely, so the way to invalidate was also checked.


"Aero Snap" is the function only the length direction can maximize when I make the top resize a window, and it's put on the screen upper end. Even the bottom tip is same.

I didn't understand resizing of the window and DORAKKU well. If a mouse will take a mouse to the end in upper end of the window, and is an elastic symbol, maximization only in the length direction grasps and increases the end by a mouse. When even increasing on the screen, only the length direction can be maximized.


A window, DORAKKU, please, when it's taken to left and right and upper end, it can be maximized by one side and maximize a screen fully. Condition DORAKKU where this time right-clicked a title part of the window, not resizing. A title bar is grasped after maximization, and when the drug is made the inside and the bottom, turns back. It's very convenient to return to the original size, isn't it?


But when I'd like to stick out of a screen and move, it's maximized selfishly, so it's sometimes slightly very inconvenient. When not using the function of "Aero Snap" so much, I think it's better to invalidate.


The way to invalidate "Aero Snap"

  1. "Easy operational center of the computer" is started from a Control Panel.
  2. The mouse "is made" easy to use from the list, it's clicked.
  3. "A window is managed easily." a section is found.
  4. < When a window made them move to the end of a screen,> which makes sure that you won't stand in line automatically is clicked and a check is put in.
  5. < OK> button is clicked.

Even if a drug makes the window the desktop end with this, the "Aero Snap" function doesn't function.


There is another of something as "Aero  Preview". When a mouse pointer is merged with "Aero  Preview" in right end in a taskbar, all windows open at present become clear. When you'd like to see a desktop temporarily, it's convenient, isn't it?

Isn't "DOKODEMODOA of Doraemon, door" real this age?

When I think of "DOKODEMODOA of Doraemon, door" by having the place where I'd like to go in mind and open a door, it's possible to go to the place where I'd like to go. Don't you think we have got something like that now, too?

I wrote that the internet looked like "Doraemon's pocket of four dimensions" by the previous article. In the same way, "everywhere of Doraemon, door", "Google Map" and "Google Earth", if, I think.

Though "Google Map" is in front of the PC by an airscape as well as a map and a street view, it's possible to see a different place. Everywhere can't go to an actual place like a door, but you can undergo vicarious experience of the travel which will go now, and it's possible to visit the world's cultural and natural heritage of all over the world. I use a street view to arrange to meet and confirm the location and the location where I go for the first time.

You can also go to the moon and Mars by "Google Earth" in now. There was a private problem, but it was the very convenient world, wasn't it?

"NAU" is popular in Twitter, "KY= air can't be read.", for, is it remembered?

Once upon a time you were prospering between the young people and the female senior high school student, right? "KY= air can't be read." the abbreviation character expressed in the English number character. It may not be used already any longer.

I think that I'm out to a book called "KY system Japanese -  Why is the Roman alphabet abbreviation popular?" and Japanese cards as "KY system Japanese Japanese cards" (Takara tommy).

It's used like cipher I voice, and that why whether you say an abbreviation word was used is difficult to say, and it's said that input is to become easy by mail.


By the way, "NAU" in Twitter means a present progressive form. "Meal NAU" is having a meal now. There is "triumphal arch NAU" in triumphal arch in Paris now. Such as, it feels like and I think that I use it.


Now, if "KY word" was checked on the Internet, there was much. There was much, so something valuable was chosen.

KY  Air can't be read.
KY  You may return.
AKY  Anyway air isn't read.
JK  Female senior high school student.
JK  Please make the joke only a face.
JK  A joke is hard.
IW  I don't know the meaning.
HD  When being leisure.
KZ   It is hard to be involved.
MT  The development which is really.
MA MAJI is impossible.
DK  I bite at an important place.
WH  Topic change.
TK  The misunderstanding which flew.
CC  Very pretty.
MM  So troublesome.
MM center [mokkori].
KI  Karaoke will go.
KN  There is no paper.
SKN  Such, unrelated.
ZZ  Impudent.
AM  A fool, bare.
AM  The shared table is impossible.
CK  Super-KIMOI.
IF  Meaning obscurity.
JM  Talk to you later.
MK5  RU 5 seconds before of serious dryness.
MU  So popular.
ZT  Much, friend.


If it isn't Japanese, this doesn't connect, does it? Is "NAU" in Twitter also only Japanese? "WIHHIHI" in Hirose Kami is also famous, isn't it?

A tab of "UltraNav" of the mouse property which has gone off in ThinkPad, the way to restore

It's a PC of Lenovo (ThinkPad) and is recovery method when a tab of UltraNav has disappeared.


"IntelliMouse" of Microsft company was being used, so I installed "IntelliPoint" which is utility software for mice. "IntelliPoint" has the function which accelerates scrolling of a mouse. I'd like to use this acceleration function, and "IntelliPoint" was installed, I don't accelerate for some reason.

OS was Windows7 (64bit edition), so "Intellipoint 64bit edition" of a newest version was installed, but it didn't move. After that the property was made compatibility mode "Vista SP2" etc., and tried variously, but it was NG. "Intellipoint 32bit edition" was also tried, but after all it can't be installed. Even if it's made a compatibility mode, it can't be installed. It was given up and "IntelliPoint" was uninstalled after all.

Then a tab of UltraNav which establishes a track point has gone off from "property of a mouse". When I contacted Lenovo, a UltraNav screwdriver was for it to be uninstalled.


Uniform Resource Locator you told from support of RENOBO was opened and a driver was downloaded from there. The tab which is UltraNav after installation safely in "property of a mouse", it was possible to restore.

A driver of UltraNav will be the following.
   UltraNav  Driver (Windows7 64-bit/Vista 64-bit)

It seems to be the verge, there is also something as "Ultranavi utility". This is another software, so please don't make a mistake.

How to buy it a PC. If a PC is bought, it's on the weekend which becomes inexpensive.

It's necessary to check it variously to buy a PC profitably. When buying a PC, I'm checking various things. The time when something new is being chosen and checked is fun again, isn't it?

How will I choose and buy or introduce a PC? It's my personal idea, but please consult.


First it's choice of "Mac" and "Windows" to waver, isn't it? I just see mailing and the internet, don't need the function of the other PCs so much and like "Macintosh of Apple" in designing way, "Mac", may, when, I think. I think the one which deals with music, a picture and image processing specially is also preferred by Mac.

When using both for good in case of, blog and business in particular, I think it's safe to make it "Windows PC". When a person of Windows didn't understand any more, because it can be heard a friend has that.


I make the PC something new in around about 3.
Mac->  Gateway->  EPSON (Endeavor)->  DELL->  It was changed with Lenovo (ThinkPad).

The performance of the OS and the software falls, and I think the life expectancy of the hardware is about about 3 years a DVD drive and a built-in battery. When it's used for more than 3 years indeed, a battery and a DVD drive don't become working well for my PC. When the registry where basic information on Windows and expansion information on software are preserved (Registry) is also used for a long time, a lot of information is written in, and a PC is becoming slow in response.

When there was VersionUp of big OS around around 3 in case of me, purchase is considered.


There are a way to buy "Yamada electricity" by volume retailers of consumer electronics and a way to buy it at a Web site such as DEL and Lenovo for a PC. Various software attaches in case of me, and I'd like to choose the HDD capacity, keyboard arrangement and the resolution as freedom, not All in One-type where the HDD capacity and the memory capacity are decided, so it's bought at a Web site.

In case of me, the standard of the PC election esteems "keyboard arrangement" and "the resolution of the monitor". Anything by which PageUp and PageDown serve also as an arrow key isn't chosen. The resolution chooses something to have that as much as possible. The screen size is big, but I have the one with the low resolution for good one fairly. For example though it's a monitor, 15 inches of resolution is XGA.


I think I'd like the one as new as possible for OS. I think Windows7 is better than Windows Vista. Improvement of UAC and start speed are raised.

Even 64bit edition can also use software of an edition 32 bits, so I think it's better to make it 64bit edition, but there is software which can't be used no matter what by 64bit edition. The price is also same, so you like this neighborhood, right?


It becomes last, but the trick to buy it inexpensively is to buy it on a weekend. "KAKAKU. com" we assume that it's natural to confirm the price and the word-of-mouth communication by a comparative site of etc., and a low coupon comes into effect at the weekly end on the Web site of Dell and Lenove. It's important to use this.

It'll be a weekend that it was 5%Off on weekdays in 20%Off. When it was 100,000 yen, it's 95000 yen of holiday on weekdays, 80000 yen. This gap is great, isn't it?

A noise is made by Japan and something to eat, seems good and is hot is eaten.

I decide not to make a noise as much as possible as manners at a meal at Europe and America and Europe. The case when you have soup is typical, right?

When air such as the time when I have tea and the time when soba is eaten is also eaten together in Japan, it seems good and something hot can be eaten. Conversely, I have to make a noise, it seems very bad.

The person who can't eat air together has in the child and the adult lady. It isn't possible to say "SUSURU".

The one carried to the mouth (doesn't live) through soba smartly a little with chopsticks, does it? When I'm Japanese, I think as expected, it's better to be able to do now. With no trouble you can also have hot coffee and hot green tea now.


I'm teaching my child "When eating something hot, I also hope that you eat air together.", too. If it becomes a little bigger, I also have to tell manners at table.

It's easy drily and very convenient! "Rice topping of starch" "rice topping of soy sauce"

The rice topping which wasn't probable so far. I'll introduce rice topping of starch as "TOROMICHAN" and rice topping of soy sauce as "KAMEBISHI soy salt".
"TOROMICHAN" is granules-like starch of rice topping-type. It's necessary to do starch of potato from Hokkaido (potato  BAREISHO) like granules and dissolve in no water, and it's the starch the body can put with that easily. Potato uses the one which isn't doing DNA recombination.
Powder is a particle, so when it's dissolved in water, it's easy to become DAMA, and if I explain to water, usual water soluble putting starch has to put it in a dish immediately. It remained certainly, and I thought it was always wasteful. It's "TOROMICHAN" that such fault was settled. The merit of "TOROMICHAN" will be below.
  • They're granules, so it's easy to melt and it's difficult to become DAMA.
  • The degree is easy to adjust and the body likes, and is put.
  • You can have enough body, cry and add it quickly.
  • I don't need the time when water is melted.
  • A counter doesn't get soiled with powder.
  • It's rice topping-type, so it's put in quickly by one hand.
  • An additive isn't used, so I'm relieved at baby's baby food and senior citizen's nursing food.
  • Unwasted.
  • Preservation is easy.

When I'll put the body on the baby food, one over the throat becomes good, and a baby becomes easy to eat, too. It becomes difficult to cool, so dampen tightly, and without forgetting to give it, please do after the temperature is confirmed.

A demerit is that it's expensive. It's sometimes better to use ordinary starch by a dish. When it's sprinkled too much, it becomes muddy. It's proper, but it's starch, so when it's without moisture, the body doesn't stick.
The trick of the how to use.
  • After sprinkling, it'll be stirred immediately.
  • It's sprinkled on a place with water.
  • It's put in while adjusting a little.
  • Heat is turned off and it's put in.
It's more expensive than ordinary starch, but when convenience doesn't also use it so frequently, and considers the merit, direction of TOROMICHAN rises. They're sold at a supermarket, so please find it and try. Of course, I use it, too.

Rice topping of soy sauce as "KAMEBISHI soy salt" is freeze-drying of soy sauce. "Thin, CHI" "It's brewed for three years." "bird pepper and garlic" there are 4 kinds of "onion and garlic". Which year old one do they seem to spend time and use matured additive-free first-class soy sauce according to the explanation? Salad, meat, fish, vegetable saute and stir-fry are sprinkled on fry and pasta just as it is and it's used, and it's good for an attendant of a box lunch and travel, too, isn't it?
Something strange convenient has been also developed by the seasoning, has not it?

The way to change the imaging order of "the article title" and "the blog title" in Blogger

Customization method which corrects a title tag of Blogger and replaces article title imaging order with a blog name.

When not esteeming the brand of the blog in particular, it's said that they prefer order of "the article title (the title of the contribution)" and "blog name (the title of Blogger)" like SEO. Please see a title bar. My blog is being also replaced.

The number of characters which is shown to the search result by which it's for Google is decided. If it's the long title, the last character string is cut. "Blog name" lay also makes "the article title" indicate first to make "the article title" indicate as much as possible.

When I search variously, there are various methods. The character of the time ("-", "|", ">") is also various. Individual article in case of indicates "the article title" - "blog name", and I make the archive and the label "blog name" - "archive name (label name)" by a list page.


Customization can be achieved by correcting "title tag". First [A template is edited.] I search a screen for "title tag".


This part is changed as follows.

  <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
    <title><data:blog.pageName/> - <data:blog.title/></title>

The meaning of the respective tags is laid out in "Blogger help"  Data  There is a list of tags, so please refer to it.

When applying the above, they seem able to change description (the explanation of a blog) every individual page, don't they?

The way to put the watermark character (watermark) in a picture and a picture by lumping easily

The way to put the watermark character in a picture by lumping beautifully coolly easily. I'll introduce the way which is being done actually.
It was to put the watermark character in and was accented on a picture, and became cooler than I thought. I specify that the watermark characters are the title of the blog and a work, and, by other ones, it's difficult to be used, it's possible.
The processing which makes the size of the picture even uses "OTEGARU image conversion" to put "IrfanView" and the watermark character in.
These meet the following condition.
  • Free.
  • It's easy, quick and made.
  • More than one pictures can be treated with lumping.
  • Not a picture, but a character string can be input.
  • A font and the size can be designated.
  • The lower right can set the place where the character is put in easily.
  • The character as well as background penetration can do its own penetration setting.
I'd like to insert the character coolly in particular, so I was particular about the one which can do penetration setting of a character string. "OTEGARU image conversion" can also change the size of the picture by lumping at the same time. If all pictures are lengthwise or are only the side, I conclude by only this software. But a picture of the side is intermingled with a lengthwise picture in case of me. A lengthwise picture and a picture of the side wanted to make the area same and make the size of the watermark character even, so "IrfanView" which is a basic picture viewer was used.
As well as the designation by which IrfanView is the lengthwise size and size in the side, it's possible, but it can be designated such as the short vicinities and the long sides. A lengthwise picture and a picture of the side can make the area same and make the size even by lumping by doing this designation.

The actual work in which the watermark character is put will be below. To make sure that the blog can carry it, when it's I, I'll it be uploaded in "photo ZOU" of a picture sharing site and a link there be stuck on a blog. It was also possible to upload a picture in the function of the blog origin, but management and reuse were considered and it anyway was done separately. Default is "Picasa" in case of Blogger, so I hope that you use "Picasa".

  1. It's held and a character string is decided.
  2. A font of a character string is decided (AULTA FONTS VIEWER is convenient.)
  3. Exif information on a picture and the file name are corrected.
  4. The size of the picture is put together.
  5. IrfanView is started.
  6. [File]-> batch conversion of the file format is held by [batch conversion  The form/name].
  7. The location of the file is designated and a converted file is added.
  8. JPEG/GIF preservation setting screen is opened by a [establishing] button of the setting of batch conversion of the file format.
  9. A check of [of EXIF information on a former picture, preservation] is removed (personal information elimination).
  10. Of setting of batch conversion of the file format, a check is put in [of in-depth setting, use].
  11. A in-depth setting screen of batch conversion is opened by the button which is setting of batch conversion of the file format [It's established in detail.]
  12. A check is put in resizing.
  13. The long side is designated by designation with the size.
  14. [It's OK.] I return by a button.
  15. A preservation folder is designated.
  16. [Execution] it's carried out by a button.

The watermark character is put in.
  1. "OTEGARU image conversion" is started.
  2. The picture in which the watermark character is put, drop
  3. [Preservation and the size] a preservation previous directory is designated by a tab.
  4. [A character string is synthesized in a picture.] check
  5. A character string is put in [the character string synthesized in a picture].
  6. [Font setting], [the color setting] a font and the color are chosen by a button.
  7. XY is designated by [the location when synthesizing it, (coordinate)] by [synthetic tab] (example :X=-200, Y=-50 in the lower right).
  8. The clarity is designated by [the clarity when synthesizing it,] by [synthetic tab].
  9. The change is confirmed by a preview (When drop territory is clicked when changing the setting, it's reflected.)
  10. Setting is corrected while seeing a preview.
  11. [I begin to change.] it's carried out by a button.
  12. [Setting is preserved.] setting is preserved by a button (Than next time, of a picture, it drops and is finished only by execution.)

It publishes in the blog.
  1. A picture is uploaded in a sharing site.
  2. A link for blog sticking is acquired from a sharing site (The alt attribute will be the file name.)
  3. A link is processed (Such as it's made only a img tag.)
  4. A link is stuck to an article.
It's a little troublesome, but when establishing it once, processing of setting becomes unnecessary from next time, so it becomes easy. A picture looks beautiful and wonderful than I thought the watermark character was put in, so please try by all means.

There is time to touch a child only at that time. Time to have time together, importantly.

Early in the morning, my daughter who becomes 5 years old was being in my futon. I'm very happy, I was planning to get up and do some research early.
How shall I do, after thinking, it was chosen that I'm here with my daughter.
Feeling comes very much at time when it "will be freshly made" in the futon in a morning in a holiday in particular.


A child is growing one after another. I think there is time to touch a child only at that time at present now.

When there is a child, the life and behavior see a television and read, and are restricted. This may be the thing in which I have the family and the one which is to think of the family's happiness.


I also want my time, I decide to answer child's request as much as possible. "I'd like to take a bath with a father." "This book reads please, and." "Let's play cards together." for, if it's called by a child, troublesomeness isn't declined as much as possible and it's spent with a child together. I'm fascinated with other ones of course, and it's irritated, and when it can't correspond, there is much. But when being not conscious of such feeling with doing awareness by mind, I think correspondence to a child is being different.


If a child becomes big, I think "After it's necessary there." the time when you say "Please don't come to the side." comes surely. I'm slightly worried, but if it'll be so, I think then.

So, do please you look grave? !, I enjoy myself with a child now. Not to associate reluctantly, but one plays seriously, too. The cards and the game are serious. A child remembers some degree rules, and if it can be done now, I don't control.


There is time to touch a child only at that time. When making the child much experience which received the memory and the affection spent with a parent, I think it'll be a good child in the future. You make them give priority to time with the child over the time as much as possible, and would like to combine time to have time importantly.

It is not possible to do in simple NAS, and if it is a link station, PC synchronization power supply On/Off can be done.

When HDD is connected to LAN, I'm interested in keeping putting a power supply. BUFFALO LinkStation is connected with a start of a PC, and On of a power supply/Off is made.


Even if it isn't HDD for LNA connections of NAS exclusive use like LinkStation in Buffalo, it's possible to make the USB HDD simple NAS. There is USB joining terminal in recent wireless LAN equipment, and simple NAS can be built by connecting a USB memory and HDD. But connected HDD keeps being turned on, and there is only an energy saving function which just stops revolving around HDD.

Wireless LAN equipment with simple NAS makes a schedule in time, and, a power supply, On/Off, can, I have that. When I'd like to use it in power supply Off, wireless LAN equipment is to press its own button, and the start is possible.

But using it at midnight suddenly, and without sticking at time, I'd like to use a PC freely. I don't want to go to the location of the wireless LAN equipment one by one.


So! It's BUFFALO LinkStation. I bought "LS-CH1.5TL". The life expectancy of the power-saving and the HDD, I'm quite satisfied with the angle of the security. It may be better to let a power supply putting the life expectancy of the HDD. . HDD equipment which corresponds is limited to the simple NAS function, and it's also a reason that the HDD I possess was non-applicable.

The power supply which is connected, and HDD (LS-CH1.5TL) when LS-CH1.5TL turns on the power of a PC, On. And the power supply which is connected, and HDD when shut down does a PC, Off. It corresponds to more than one PC. When even 1 PC has started, when a power supply of On and all PCs is Off, a power supply of HDD will be a power supply of HDD in Off.


HDD for NAS of IO data, a PC power supply, connected, for, a revolution of the HDD which cries is just stopped, but it's the merit to be able to use it as USB HDD. LinkStation is good for the power supply connected function, as expected, it's slower in speed than USB HDD of PC direct connection. You hesitate about whether you get advantage convenience or get speed, right?

A wireless LAN When the cordless handset side doesn't correspond to a double speed mode of 11n, at most 300 Mbps can't be taken out.

A wireless LAN  IEEE 802.11n is made at most 300 Mbps, but when a PC doesn't correspond to a double speed mode, I go out of only at most 150 Mbps.

I bought "BUFFALO AirStation WHR-G301N", but my PC didn't correspond to a double speed mode and was at most 150 Mbps. I was disappointed, but I become 3 times as quick as previous at most 54 Mbps and am satisfied.


A double speed mode is to set a frequency band to 40Hz from 20MHz and expand a band, and the speed is made double. A cordless handset has to correspond to a base unit of a wireless LAN, and when BUFFALO AirStation uses a cordless handset of an accessory, at most 300 Mbps is possible.

A double speed mode isn't only a good thing. When it's made a double speed mode, a carry will be half, and when I wouldn't like the electric field situation, speed sometimes falls reversely. At most 150 Mbps which depends on radio circumstances, and is a single mode, speed goes out. When making it double speed, when there are a wireless LAN and a PC terminal in the neighborhood hard, the radio strength is effective. When a double speed mode is possible, I think it's good to try and choose the fast one both.


A number as at most 150 Mbps and at most 300 Mbps is the theoretical value to the end, so I think tens of actual condition is Mbps. Even if it doesn't correspond to a double speed mode, I'm out to enough speed, so I don't need to worry about it so much.

"midomi" which can search for music with its voice. You can sing by "RARARA" and search.

I know a melody somehow, but its title and a singer aren't understood. A convenient site as "midomi" is introduced at such time.
The tarnish of the song one knows and a melody, oneself's, if singing, you can search for music by humming. The song played at a town was a too good song, and I was interested in the title of the song. If I was searching variously on the Internet, this site as "midomi" was found. And it was possible to know a song of the aim. Thank you very much.

"midomi" there are 2 in retrieval methods. The way to search by the character of the way to search for music with the voice, the song name and the singer name.
When searching with voice, I think you can't search well at the beginning, but without giving up, it's good with a 試 female many times. Even a microphone of PC having within is good, but I think it's better to connect a microphone to a microphone terminal and sing the tarnish of the humming and the song.
When there are no microphones, the tone of the headphone connects a headphone to a microphone terminal, and can substitute public for a microphone. The structure is same basically for a microphone and a headphone, so this is made.

I think that it's also an application of iPhone in now. To try singing ability sings the song you know, and is also fascinating to whether I'm able to search perfectly, isn't it?

Double router release method (bridge continuation method)

The way to do a bridge connection and release double routers.

Release method in detail of the equipment I was using before is explained. I just did using a router of 2 following.

  • PR-200NE (modem router  NTT East  FLETS light corresponding to the light telephone  B Flets) 
  • WBR-G54 (wireless LAN router  AirStation: air station  BUFFALO: buffalo)

The wireless LAN router (WBR-G54) is made a bridge connection and double routers are evaded.

A bridge connection is the way not to use the router function, to use as HUB and to connect 2 of equipment. It's said that they combine as an identical segment. In other words, it's to make the wireless LAN router the equipment to which a just radio is just transferred.


A procedure in detail will be below.

  1. A command prompt is started.
  2. “tracert” is carried out by a command prompt (Even tracert is OK.)
  3. An IP address of NTT indicated by "tracert" is noted.
  4. The figure of the last limit of the noted IP address is made the price different from other equipment in a modem (100).
  5. The cable which is WBR-G54 and is connected to the WAN (FLET’S light  From B Flets) side is removed.
  6. In WBR-G54, from a PC, a LAN access (most, port), only, it's done in the state.
  7. The network connection of a PC is made a wired connection.
  8. Just in case, I insert and remove a power supply of WBR-G54 and make them restart.
  9. I access of AirStation(
  10. An air station setting page is clicked.
  11. It's input to a user ID of the dialogue with root.
  12. When there is a password, it's input (there is no ordinariness, so, just as it is).
  13. An advance is clicked.
  14. A LAN port is chosen from LAN setting and it's clicked.
  15. First IP address of noted NTT is input to a LAN side IP address.
  16. The DHCP server function "isn't used", it's established.
  17. A LAN cable from PR-200NE (light B FlET'S of NTT) is connected to LAN port pin of WBR-G54 (the 4th port).
  18. A PC is restarted.
  19. “tracert” is tried by a command prompt.
  20. ntt.setup where air.setup [] cries []  When it's 1, it succeeds.
  21. A network connection of a PC is returned to a radio connection.


When connecting to AirStation of WBR-G54 after setting has ended, it'll be the address established by the above ( That a port of a LAN access above-mentioned is most, number 4 is used, but which port may it be connected to?

The "its address can't designate the error which is a procedure of double router release and is good. An error occurred by setting. Please redo.", And, I sometimes go out. This can consider that a LAN cable becomes a WAN terminal while being connected as the cause.


By the way, new wireless LAN equipment has the function from which you release double routers automatically. When settling it easily, new wireless LAN equipment can buy it, and it's quick to change it, isn't it?

Even four-year-old child has the mind by which it impresses it. The experience of getting it over for myself is the one through life.

My daughter could do a training wheel nothingness by 4 years old and ride a bicycle now. Isn't it the early one in the same generation? I think it was about 3rd grader for a schoolchild that I could do a training wheel nothingness and ride a bicycle.

It's also wonderful to be able to do a training wheel nothingness and ride a bicycle, I was astonished that the 4-year-old infant who goes to a nursery school had a moved heart.

I stood to come to have a pain in the lower back and did the practice which rides a bicycle with my daughter using the weekend. On a day with about 3rd day, my daughter could do a training wheel nothingness and ride a bicycle now by herself somehow after practice was begun. Of course, it was put in a picture and a video.


A possible fact of dinner for this day. My parents persevered in us "well for my daughter, didn't they? I might be able to do a training wheel nothingness and ride a bicycle.", And, I spoke to my daughter.

Then my daughter has begun to chafe an eye and cry. How about me, was it done? Do you have a pain in your eye?", And, it was heard. Is my daughter "happy" with low voice because she can do a training wheel nothingness and ride a bicycle?

"Oh!" I lost voice. I didn't imagine such small child a sense peaked, and crying. A child misses, are you putting on a moved heart naturally?

I was very happy that you could do a training wheel nothingness and ride a bicycle because I practiced hard prior to other children.


The case that much doesn't know around a child and, it isn't possible. That can be done now a little. Then you acquire experience and know-how and a heart is also growing, isn't it? I think such experience is very important.

When the experience to which I say "It could be achieved to get and have that personally." is getting over similar difficulty again in the future by itself, it would be useful certainly. Now, I'd like also to experience and learn with my daughter.


It's pleasant that Japan goes to a touring by bicycle together in the one in the holiday on the weekend in now. That can also go to a bad far place by walk, so there are new discovery and impression again.

"Impression" I take a fancy naturally. It's wonderful, isn't it?

8 reasons that you can replace wireless LAN equipment with something new and buy it

When an old wireless LAN is used, there is a problem like security. The new wireless LAN is very high-speed. It can be bought by these 2 reasons, and I have decided to change it.

Change and buy it, the NO merit was raised 8.

  1. The security has been strengthened.
  2. Communication speed is fast, Up.
  3. Setting became easy.
  4. You avoid radio intervention automatically.
  5. It corresponds to multi-security.
  6. A power saving function stuck.
  7. USB equipment of HDD can also be connected, it's possible to share, it was.
  8. Double router in case of becomes automatic in a bridge connection.


(1) The security has been strengthened.
The cipher form was WEP so far, but cipher of WEP melts easily in now.   In other words, it'll be that the mail contents are looked stealthily at in the neighborhood.   A decipherment tool is also obtainable from the internet.   It's said that WPA2 is safe for the cipher form now.

(2) Communication speed is fast, Up.
It was IEEE 802.11b/g/a so far, but IEEE 802.11n where faster communication is possible was standardized.   Former, it'll be earliness close to 10 times. A figure of speed is different.   At most  54Mbps->  At most 300 Mbps.   In other words, the speed as much as the wired LAN can be secured.  
Maximum path velocity of each standard
  IEEE 802.11b 11Mbps
  IEEE 802.11a 54Mbps
  IEEE 802.11g 54Mbps
  IEEE 802.11n 300Mbps

(3) Setting became easy.
So far, technical knowledge was necessary to connect wireless LAN equipment to a PC.   It can be connected to "AOSS" and "WPS" by 1 button by new equipment.   Really disappointing.

(4) You avoid radio intervention automatically.
The radio circumstances were confirmed by different Tours so far and a channel was established again by itself.   Automatically, radio intervention allocates me a little channel by new equipment.   With thinking nothing, stable comfortable communication can be done.

(5) It corresponds to multi-security.
When connecting more than one PC and game to a wireless LAN so far, all communication has been the weakest security system.   To connect the game to which only WEP is answering to that a PC corresponds to WPA2, I had to lower security.   A security system different in new equipment separately respectively, it could be intermingled now.

(6) A power saving function stuck.
You could put out an LED lamp, lose the rate of the wired LAN and set On of a power supply/Off now at the designation time.

(7) USB equipment of HDD can also be connected, it's possible to share, it was.
It depends on equipment, but there is a USB terminal, and HDD can be connected.   In simple way, NAS can be built.

(8) Double router in case of becomes automatic in a bridge connection.
When it's double routers, communication speed can't do port release, and becomes slow.   New equipment is judged automatically, and you make sure that it won't be double routers.


The power saving function and the simple NAS function are incomplete, so I'm so unattractive. But improvement of speed and safety is a big change. I made it a new wireless LAN, too, but when using old equipment, it can be bought and I recommend to change it.

Even if a wireless LAN adapter of PC having within doesn't correspond to IEEE 802.11n, it's no problem. For USB2.0  For wireless LAN cordless handset and CardBus  There is also a product of a wireless LAN cordless handset accessory. Technology is making progress one after another, isn't it?

Confirmation of double routers is a command prompt, tracert .

Confirmation method of double routers. It can be checked easily in a command prompt. When being suspected of double routers, please check it by the following way.
It's explained by a way to WindowsXP, but Vista and Win7 in case of are also operation like most.
First a command prompt screen is taken out. "Program-> accessary-> command prompt of all start->"
Next a connecting path is indicated. When connecting to (tracert) which is a command prompt screen and indicates the process connected to some sites for example gurgling, it's a command prompt.


It's input and return (Enter) is done. The above?


Even the above is OK.

  1     3 ms     1 ms     1 ms  air.setup []
  2     4 ms     1 ms     1 ms  ntt.setup []

Indication like the above comes out. I aim at the last number (the address). "192.168" etc. is a local address, so when 2 are indicated as mentioned above, you can judge double routers. When they aren't double routers conversely, it'll be the name of the provider of flets to be shown to the 2nd.
It's easy, so please try by all means. When they were double routers, release is needed. Separately, I write an article of release method.

When a wireless LAN sometimes breaks, the MAC address is fixed.

Doesn't a wireless LAN break constantly? When using an old wireless LAN router, I think a connection is established by itself. To make sure that friend's PC and iPhone can be connected temporarily, when changing the setting of a wireless LAN, a radio LAN line sometimes breaks well.

You can have cut off correspondeance now well by also making one in case of me a Any connection. After I tried variously, I found out that I hope that you fix the MAC address.

The MAC address can be confirmed by a command prompt (DOS).

A command: ipconfig/all

"Physical address : xx - xx - xx - xx - xx - xx" etc. will be the MAC address in the indicated information.

Many physical addresses come out, so please be careful. Please establish the MAC address of the wireless network such as wireless LAN in case of, a physical address of "Wireless LAN adapter  Wireless network connection" and "Ethernet adapter wireless network connection".

A setting method of the Mack address consult a manual and a home page of the wireless LAN equipment you have, please.

It was settled by fixing the MAC address in case of me. A physical problem and a microwave are sometimes intervening as the other cause. Please adjust an installation site and the direction of the antenna in that case.

It becomes a double router without knowing the change to FTTH from ADSL.

There is a possibility which becomes old wireless LAN in case of and double routers.
But recent equipment distinguishes between double routers automatically and releases automatically.
I also improve security, so when setting is troublesome, it's better to buy a new wireless LAN, isn't it?

When not doing a special thing, the double routers are no problem.
But I think it's better to release double routers as expected.

A PC wasn't also working well in case of me, and when it was checked, as expected, they were double routers.

A router is the communication equipment with which it's connected each other during a network.
Double routers are an Internet access and I say the state that 2 routers exist and are connected to a PC through the 2 routers from outside.
In other words, there seem to be 2 barriers.

There is a possibility which becomes the following phenomenon, setting in case of and double routers.

  • A wireless LAN was added from later.
  • Communication speed of a wireless LAN is slow.
  • It hardens by some sites.
  • Trains were changed to FTTH (FURETTSU light premium and B Flets) from YahooBB (ADSL).
  • Port opening (port opening) can't be done.
  • P2P (Winny, Cabos, uTorrent, Share, Perfect Dark:PD, Bitcomet) can't be connected.
  • PSP (PlayStation Portable: Play Station portableness) doesn't get in touch.

It has been double routers because trains were changed to NTT light from YahooADSL in case of me.
There were no problems because there were no router functions for the modem rented on Yahoo! BB ADSL.
To have for the router function for a modem of “FURETTSU light”, when changing it to optical interconnection from ADSL, without knowing, it has been double routers.

Even if a port of 1 router is freed when it's double routers, a port of another router is closed, so port release can't be done.

It was really serious until I arrived here.
Of course, a way of release and the manner of the confirmation of double routers were also checked. Separately, I write an article.

Doraemon's four-dimensional pocket might exist in this world.

Doraemon's pocket is a 4th Dimension pocket, and anything can be put out.
Will you think that we also are obtaining a similar one to it now?

It is the Internet.
The age in the truth for a moment even ahead without the personal computer either.
However, how now?
The personal computer in the house is connected with all over the world and it says.
Anything can be examined.
You may not ask the library and the teacher.
Everything can be retrieved with the personal computer.

I can buy anything with a PC.
Anything can be sold.
I can have a shop.
I write blog and have people in the world read.

It's used of course the age now, but I think indeed the internet is "pocket of four dimensions".
It's the wonderful world, isn't it?

It learns from mantis's egg. The experience and the education are inherited.

Mantis's egg was born. A lot of small mantises like the ant were born. It thinks at child's time my seeing this.

The egg of the mantis that had found it was put in the PET bottle when strolling with the daughter, and it put it on living.
Of course, a lot of small air holes are made.
Did about one month pass?The mantis was discovered to be born when casually seeing in the morning. "Each other , appears", "It is terrible and terrible", and "Hey, see. "

The daughter took the day nursery a small mantis of just the birth as proud as a peacock.
I also remember having taken it to the school preening on just like the daughter when it is a child somehow.

My mother was importantly keeping the composition that had been written when I was the fourth grader.
It was written that mantis's egg was born in the composition.
It wrote from the scene that laid the scene where the surgical knife eats the male after copulation and the egg that gave, raised the grasshopper to the surgical knife every day, and blew a white, soft bubble and the egg to the copulation of the mantis very, and the birth of a lot of small mantises according to it.

Wonderful. I remembered that a mantis was born and took that to school boastfully, but surprisingly, to have been making them lay egg! Really wonderful.

I think it's because I wanted to make the happy experience my daughter as expected, to say to my daughter "I'd like to show the form that many mantises were born." If my daughter gets married and has a child, too, this experience would be told again.

Now, I'd like also to make my daughter do much happy experience.

It's that it was learned this time, but when egg of a mantis is put in the house, a room is warm by heating, so egg is hatched early.
The small mantis which has been just born, just as it is, then I die, so I'll miss in outside, outside doesn't become cold yet in the environment that you can live through a mantis.
I insert it in a plastic bottle and a bottle and am also observing, and it's good, it's put outside the house as much as possible, and I hope that you put it in the natural environment.
By the way, when I was 4th grader, I think that it was put in the outside neatly.
They seem to have known my fatherhood. My father is great anytime as expected, isn't he?

It is possible to make it at home. I feel the eaten thing sweet. "Miracle fruit"

What is the miracle fruit?
It is mysterious fruits that give the taste the change.
This can be very grown at home though it had seen on the television several times.
It was surprised though it was thought that it was possible to buy it only by a doubtful mail order.
There is the one "Miracle fruit bonsai", and it is raised by potted.

The miracle fruit is called the miraculous berry, and small, red fruits like coffee.
Fruits with the mysterious food felt sweet when you eat a sour thing after it licks for 2 or 3 minutes.
The material of miraculin indeed included seems to feel bitterness and acidity sweet though the fruit is not sweet.
The effects seeming are about two hours.

The miraculin uses the effect, is used for diet foods, the diabetic, and the taste disorder, etc. , and has obtained the Ministry of Health and Welfare authorization (No.120 of the Ministry of Health and Welfare notification) as a safe additive.
The effect weakens gradually as for the miraculin after it harvests.
It seems to come skilled to one's heart's content a mysterious then and there experience if it is a miracle fruit bonsai. 
Similarly, changing acidity into sweetness seems also to include "curculin" and "Staurogyne", etc.

I cannot wait until the miracle fruit grows up. Raising is troublesome. I want to obtain it more easily.
Yes, it was.
A tablet of miracle fruit (tablet) one is sold.
Easily enjoying a mysterious experience with the party and the present, etc. , and using it to diet in the control of the sugar intake are also good.
I want to test the effect oneself first licking because it is dubious still.

A difference of the wireless LAN BUFFALO AirStation NFINITI WZR series WHR series, comparison

To buy wireless LAN for 11n, buffalo's wireless LAN main phone was examined.
The page has been distributed though the homepage of BUFFALO is seen, and so good doesn't borrow the hoe.
The in one's own way, the specification was confirmed and brought together respectively.

Finally, in assumption of buying the link station
"Wireless LAN router Air Station unit WHR-G301N for BUFFALO leaving power saving 11n/g/b"
It bought it.

In a big reason to choose "There is no USB HDD port", HDD that had it now was uncorrespondence.
When PC doesn't start, the power supply of HDD can be turned off in the link station.
Thus, it does. On/Off is able not to be done at specified time, and to do by the leaving energy saving function of simple NAS this year when the rotation of HDD is stopped though the USB hard disk can be connected, and there is a model that makes it to simple NAS, too.

The chosen reason is that the price is low, and the product is new additionally.

Difference between unit and set

WZR-HP-G301NH Unit
Cordless handset set USB2.0
Wireless LAN cordless handset for USB2.0
One "WLI-UC-G300HP" is appended.

Cordless handset set CardBus

Wireless LAN cordless handset for CardBus
It is one piece as for "WLI-CB-G300HP".

Cordless handset set Terminal LAN

It is possible to make it to wireless LAN bringing the audio-video equipment equipped with cable terminal LAN and four personal computers together. 「WLI-TX4-AG300N」

Difference of 301,300

301 The leaving energy saving function has adhered.
300 The leaving energy saving function has not adhered.

The electric rate was simulated for the leaving energy saving function.
About 3000 yen can be saved by assuming that 5W/h can save on the electricity bill the first in five years.
However, I do not think that there is a difference in the amount of money though it contributes when thinking about the purchase price and the use period.

Unlike NH and N.

NH Cable Giga(1000Mbps)
N Cable 100Mbps

Difference between WZR and WHR

WZR With USB HDD port
WHR There is no USB HDD port

Wireless LAN BUFFALO AirStation NFINITI comparison

AirStation NFINITI HighPower Giga

IEEE802.11b/g/n simultaneous use
Multi security
Leaving power saving
A broadcast function

AirStation NFINITI

IEEE802.11b/g/n simultaneous use
Multi security
Leaving power saving
A broadcast function

AirStation NFINITI HighPower

IEEE802.11b/g/n simultaneous use
Multi security
For optional antenna (another sales)

AirStation NFINITI HighPower Giga
WZR-HP-G300NH(stock limit)

IEEE802.11b/g/n simultaneous use
Multi security

AirStation NFINITI
WHR-G300N(stock limit)

IEEE802.11b/g/n simultaneous use
Multi security


A recent model is truly connected with one button though the setting of wireless LAN was very very before.
It became easy.

It is possible to eat. Bonsai of lovely fruits that can be grown at home

How about the grape though there is the garden and the planter's growing the cherry tomato and the strawberry well recently?
Actually, it harvested several and it ended also in my house though the cherry tomato was grown.
The strawberry doesn't grow up easily either.
It might be impossible in me still slovenly.

There was very a grape bonsai  when whether other some fruits are raising were examined.

The grape is raised in the home by usual as for it potted. It is not a grape of the miniature, and it is possible to eat usually even if it is called a bonsai by the size usually sold.
If the following conditions are cleared, it seems to be able to enjoy the grape bonsai for years how many.

  • Direct sunshine is avoided.
  • Wind and rain is avoided.
  • It puts it on a cool room.
  • I put up the water every day

There are various kinds such as Delaware, the Kyohou grape, Pione, berries, and Koshu depending on time, and it obtains for several thousand yen.
It was thought that it would not be only a grape, and examined the bonsai of fruits a little.

  • Princess apple bonsai
  • Strawberry bonsai
  • Baby kiwi bonsai
  • Grape bonsai
  • Miracle fruit bonsai

It is variously. The miracle fruit bonsai is anxious.

It was not a fruit, and there was "Mini Phalaenopsis orchid", too.
It was thought that it was a very large, exaggerated, far-off one as for Phalaenopsis orchid.
However, there is a miniature version of Phalaenopsis orchid, and it is very lovely.
It is casual Phalaenopsis orchid that can be enjoyed anywhere small.
I look good for Mother's Day, a wedding present, a baby gift, a birthday, a memorial day, a celebration, the celebration of the slight opening of a store.

Windows 7 can easily make "New folder".

It was very troublesome to make a new folder from "Windows XP" and "Windows Vista".

  1. Right-clicking
  2. The mouse is moved to "New make".
  3. The submenu is displayed.
  4. "Folder" is selected, and it clicks.

Thus, an extraordinary operation was necessary.
Very, "New folder" button was able to be done in the upper part of Explorer in Windows 7.
This is very convenient.
Did it notice?
I inadvertently found it recently.
I think that it is a very good improvement though there is a right-clicking thing because it has not become accustomed yet.

In Windows 7, it becomes early the start and the shutdown and it is comfortable. Especially, I feel the shutdown about ten times earlier compared with Vista and XP. I think it is never exaggerated though it is an experience.

When a new folder is made, I am using the mouse gesture in PC of "Windows XP" and "Windows Vista".
It doesn't move in the Windows 7 64bit version though [mausujasucha-] is the one "[Mau] muscle".
Even Vista is necessary by one device. I will separately examine and report on this matter.

Finally, I introduce the shortcut key that makes a new folder with XP and Vista.

  • 「Windows XP」:[shift + F10] → [W] → [F]
  • 「Windows Vista」:[Alt + F] → [W] →[F]

"Aero preview" etc. evolve little by little though Windows has become huge software.

It only warms it mixing the material. Super-easiness and how to make [mochimochi] almond jelly

Even the child can make, and I introduce the recipe of handmade almond jelly.
It has from almond jelly on the market, has, and is very delicious though makes many times. It might be near panna cotta and the milk pudding rather than almond jelly.

When making it in the party and sweets where children exist "It is handmade! It is terrible! It is delicious!" It is said, and wrong doesn't exist ..going up of the stock...

It warms it with the microwave oven for three minutes often mixing the following materials (For four). It completes if it cools it with the refrigerator as it is.

  • Milk (200cc)
  • Whipped cream (40cc)
  • water (20cc)
  • sugar (20g)
  • powdered gelatin (3-5g)

Syrup is sprinkled on almond jelly making the canned food and the sugar water of the fruit.
If fruits of the life such as the strawberry, kiwis, and grapefruits are affixed, it is ready of externals delicious, too handmade desserts.

The texture changes variously , saying that "Possession possession", "Slippery", and "Toro-ri" when the timing (After it warms up in a microwave range, put it) that the powdered gelatin puts and the amount are changed.
It becomes "Doze" reducing the amount of the powdered gelatin.

When it is more real, the vanilla essence and the almond essence are added.
In addition, if the truth of the matrimony vine is affixed on almond jelly, it is perfect.

When the friend came to the house, I was making it because I was really easy.
I think that I take it to this enjoying seeing cherry blossom making it.
Chin only does mixing it.
Everybody also tries variously because it is the super-easy.

The template that Blogger is wonderful is in "BTemplates".

Site "BTemplates" where Template of terrible amount of blogger was being offered was found.

There was no one "It was this" even if various sites were seen and it turned, and it compromised, it decided, and here was different usually. There are a lot of templates of a wonderful design, and it has hesitated.

The template of my blog was downloaded from this site.
I revise it in I preference, but like it very much slightly.

I think a favorite template for kinds of Template of several thousand to exist, and to be found without fail if it is this site.

It is possible to change easily by setting Google Blogger in the color and the location, etc.The displayed language is changed into Japanese etc.The background color and the character color are changed. Plug-ins such as Archive and Labels can be added, be deleted, and order be replaced. First of all, please choose designing by intuition.

If "Page 1 of 177 1 2 3 4 5 6 &gt;" under the left is sequentially clicked, it is possible to confirm it to see other templates. It becomes all screens if "Demo" under the left of the image is clicked and it is possible to see greatly when liking it because the thumbnail (small image) is seen.

The day grows dark when slowly seeing because it is really a lot though it is a shriek of joy.