Careful selection! The free typing software which will be done immediately on the browser

Without installing software, touch-typing can be practiced by a browser of IE. Practice of touch-typing wrote the article to which I say "abcdefg..." when I needed only to strike it, but I get tired only with that, so I think it's better to be funny and practice by a game sense.

When searching for typing software by a web, it's possible to find many free free software and pay software. It's troublesome to install in a PC and I don't know which software you'd like.

So I try actually, and a beginner is funny easily and introduces a typing practice application of the game sense to tend to practice in the software. It's possible to taste the pleasure and exhilarating feeling while practicing.


It's being written each time, but when practicing by a game of typing software, please don't forget 2 important things by touch-typing.

  1. A keyboard isn't seen.
  2. If a key is struck, a finger is returned to a home position certainly.


The careful selection free typing application which will be begun immediately by a browser without free installation

  • Easy typing
    A picture of the keyboard is indicated and you tell me a struck place. It's very easy and easy to understand. It's given a push for a beginner.

  • Sarauchi
    A keyboard isn't indicated. The game which is boiling HON and is healed. A dwarf who aims at food is repulsed.

  • Shooting typing
    Exhilarating feeling can be tasted. A keyboard isn't indicated. Game like "TOKUUCHI" of pay software.

  • e-typing
    A picture of the keyboard is indicated and you tell me a struck place. The degree of improvement of the typing can be confirmed. I hope that you use it for a force check and a check of the level.


There is free software which can be downloaded from "Vector" besides the web application.

"YoiYoi typing of a BIBI sergeant" etc. is the lesson form, and application can be even learned from a basis gradually. It isn't practice method I recommend, but I think very good software.

It's "TOKUUCHI of sourcenext" that pay software was fine for the end.

There is only pay typing software as expected, and it's very fascinating. Sound is intolerably good, so it's exciting and there is exhilarating feeling. A person can strike touch-typing continuously after it's certain degree of and he starts to cut it, so I think exhilarating feeling can be tasted.


Practice of touch-typing will often get tired immediately, but please try the typing software I introduced variously and be brought along happily. When touch-typing can be done now, I think it becomes a lot that Twitter and an article of a blog are written. It'll be written a little about an input method of the Roman alphabet change and the character which is often used next time.

Simplicity says and it's too easy! Practice method of touch-typing acquisition

Cool touch-typing  can be done now by easy practice. abcdefghijklmn. It's just struck.

Practice method of touch-typing is easy. Please don't see a keyboard, abcdef. It's just struck. I think "JFJF" in a home position and "A, I, U, E, O" of a vowel don't need struck practice while seeing the practice it'll be sleepily and something. The practice from which the character and the thought of which I thought by a head are transmitted to a finger just as it is is done. abcdefg.. even the word one thought of is OK without well.


It'll be review, but there are 2 important things by touch-typing.

  1. A keyboard isn't seen.
  2. If a key is struck, a finger is returned to a home position certainly.

Please always worry about it. When returning a hand to a home position, I search the feeling of the finger for the mark which sticks to a key of "F" and "J" and return it. A right hand uses a mouse in particular, so using a mouse, I'll can retrogress.


I think I'm ready for practice by a last article. If I'm ready, it'll be practice right away.

  1. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz is practiced.
  2. A Space key, an Enter key and BackSpage key are practiced.


In turn, an alphabet will be struck. You don't have to be conscious of a lowercase capital letter in particular. When not doing CapsLock, I think it'll be lowercase.

"Note pad" etc. is opened, and, a condition of half-size character input, ", abcdefg...] and a keyboard will be struck. It's struck earnestly until it can't be seen and can be struck smoothly. When also doing for 30 minutes, I think an outline can be done now.

If it becomes possible, it's also a little good that "hello" and "good" will strike the word I know. It's important, so I say many times, but you aren't supposed to see a keyboard at the same time. When not knowing the position, I see a keyboard schematic, search a sense of a hand for it and strike it.


When time has passed, arrangement is forgot, but it's a little no problem. It's accustoming, so nature and a finger start to go there soon.


If an alphabet is certain degree of and comes, a Space key, an Enter key and BackSpage key are practiced as the key which is often used.

It's struck with "abcdefg", it's struck with a space key and "hijklmn" and En turkey is struck. A space key is hit with a thumb. Right and left are good for both thumbs, but it's also used at conversion into Japanese language, so I think a thumb of a right hand is preferred. A thumb of a left hand uses left change-lessness" of a space key for a key. I think you don't have to be conscious in particular.

En turkey uses the little finger of a right hand or the ring finger of a right hand. En turkey is also expressed with return, so please think "return key" is also the same one.

When making a mistake in the character, a Back Space Key will be struck. A Back Space Key uses the ring finger of a right hand. I think it's understood when postponing a finger until the one of BackSpage key, but the ring finger is easier to receive than the little finger, isn't it?


It's written so that En turkey and a Back Space Key may use the little finger by other sites but it's no problem the finger I tend to strike. The ring finger of a right hand is used, but I sometimes use the middle finger of a right hand. Please change it to yourself way by the location where the length of the finger and means are put.


Earnestness "abcdefg..." If you can practice and do now, please try a Japanese change.


The back is accustoming, so I think you should increase the number of times which touches a keyboard and be familiar. The little finger, as it could be used now, I think considerable progress.

Please be always conscious as I won't return to strike 2 previous fingers immediately. I touch about typing software next time.

Touch-typing is acquired! An important thing, only 2! The volume of preparations for practice

To acquire touch-typing, practice is prepared.

First there are 2 important things by touch-typing.

  1. A keyboard isn't seen.
  2. If a key is struck, a finger is returned to a home position certainly.

When I always have this in mind, it's brought along early. First, it's prepared for practice.

  1. A schematic of a keyboard is made.
  2. The charge for each finger is confirmed.
  3. The index finger is put in "F" and "J" (It's prepared for a home position.)


An important one was to decide not to see a keyboard. I don't know the position of the character at the beginning, so a schematic of a keyboard is put next to the keyboard of a PC. When forgetting the location of the character, not to see a key of a PC, but the keyboard schematic is seen and checked. Arrangement of a keyboard depends on the model of the PC for a short while, so the PC is taken by a digital camera, and thinks I hope that you print that by a printer. When it's written, it's remembered, so it's written by itself, and it may be made with a ruler and a pen.

When buying a new PC, I confirm the key arrangement certainly. Doesn't a Home key become same with an arrow key? The point of view of the Delete key, the point of view of the BackSpage key and the length of the space key are confirmed. I think that and something as key arrangement are important.


Next which key to strike in each finger, charge is decided perfectly. For example the index finger of a left hand and "J" are decided the index finger of a right hand for "F". When searching, "home position" can be confirmed by a search of Google. A symbol and a figure may be ignored here. Please confirm only the alphabet accurately.

It's also because it's English to remember by an alphabet, but it's to do the Roman alphabet change when striking Japanese. There are Japanese syllabary change and Roman alphabet change, but 4 steps of eye also increases, and the key I have to remember if it's the Japanese syllabary change, is quite serious. There is little keystroke compared with the Roman alphabet change for the Japanese syllabary change, even if I'm not particular to there when putting human thought into writing, it can be hit with the Roman alphabet change with no problem.

Even if I say that the charge for a finger is confirmed, not which key is where, but which finger is taking charge of a key where or? When you'd think an outline equals the left slant, it's OK.

One finger takes charge of 3 keys with the top, a center and the bottom. Only the index finger is the hard worker who takes charge of 6 alphabets. I think I hope that you classify by color the keyboard schematic made a short while ago.


I think it isn't necessary to memorize the location of the alphabet. While practicing, a finger remembers naturally, and starts to move sensuously.


A keyboard has at the place by the hand called a home position. Even if there is POTCHI in "F" and "J" of a keyboard, and one copy is hollow, and a keyboard isn't seen, you can touch by a fingertip and check it. The index finger of a left hand is put at "F". The index finger of a right hand is put at "J". It's completion of preparations with this.


When I make a mistake in charge for a finger, I'll practice wastefully, so please check it tightly. The next article is about practice method increasingly.

Can't I put it on by touch-typing? Is it troublesome to practice?

When touch-typing can be done, it's possible to increase the future time.

A PC still wanted to be widely used around a student, so I practiced by a typewriter of Olivetti. There was a motivation to which I say "I'd like to strike a key coolly." in case of me, but how about everyone? It was regarded as the effect of the touch-typing about a motivation.

We may not also assume "It's also troublesome to practice and, because it isn't necessary in particular." a notice from first for the person who can hit it with earliness certain degree of using an index book. A PC just was made and was being the proper time. I think touch-typing is necessary. It isn't possible, it's better for it to be possible more and I think when I resemble that you can ride a bicycle now.


First I think I hope that you find the own reason to give a mind to do and a motivation. If touch-typing is done, it can be proud. It's rewarded for your husband and wife. I think everything is good.

When touch-typing is done, there is an impression. The impression when wearing glasses for the first time! The impression when making it contact for the first time! The impression when a bicycle could take it! The impression when 2 feet were arranged in order, and it could stop at ski! Touch-typing is forming gradually, so there may be no impressions with such dramatic change, but I think one looks proud.

That it's spent comfortably with ZU from here or it's just as it is and that good? A keyboard is seen, a screen is seen, a keyboard is seen again and a screen is seen again, and, I search umm for the character, and, 、、、. It's transmitted to a fingertip from the state that I was searching a keyboard for a word, was informing a finger and was striking a keyboard naturally that I thought touch-typing could be done, and you play. Thought will be a word in a screen and show immediately. Such world is waiting. It's freed from pain of aversion to a PC and character input.

The merit of the touch-typing will be raised.

  • Only a screen should be seen.
  • Time can be saved.
  • Character input isn't troublesome.
  • It isn't irritated any more.
  • I come to like a PC.
  • Idea will be sentences immediately.
  • A keyboard will be something casual like a pencil.
  • Fatigue of an eye becomes little.
  • I don't have stiff shoulders.
  • You can make up with work efficiently.
  • Work is broad-minded.
  • The appearance is cool.


Time to be hitting a keyboard with 1 finger and 2 and practice time a little now compared with the spent total hours too much in the future is just a little. The life without practicing a bicycle, which can fall down with the life which doesn't ride a bicycle, even make a bruise, practice and take it now, and can be spent much comfortably. Which would you like? The life which just takes a passenger seat of a car and the life which can drive a car freely. Which would you like?

It may be exaggerated a little, but without becoming a silly prejudice first, I think it's important to try. The person who could read can be done now by all means to here.


It was written about a motivation to touch-typing this time. When practice was disagreeably, I think if you'd read this article again. It'll be written about preparations of practice of very easy touch-typing by the next article.

7 recoveries when closing, and restoration method which put out "favorite"

I search for a web and register a good site and the site which often comes with a favorite, but when the favorite information is eliminated by mistake, you're quite in trouble, right?

I'll introduce restoration method when having put out "favorite", and recovery method.

  • The trash can is checked.
  • It's confirmed whether you have not moved to other folders.
  • The "favorite" of other browsers is checked.
  • The "favorite" of other PCs is checked.
  • The history of IE is confirmed.
  • The web history of the Google tool bar is confirmed.
  • I restore by restoration software.

First, please check in "trash place". There is a possibility in the trash can. When there is much, method of representing is done in detail, and I hope that you do the "the elimination date and time" order and the "kind" in turn. I think it's "the internet  Short cut" as the kind.


Next a possibility which has been the mistake which does well and has moved to other folders is considered. First "favorite" a folder is found. There is a "favorite" folder in "C:Users (the user), Favorites" in Windows Vista. Please change (the user) to your account. Even if I search for "Favorites" by a search, it's found. When clicking a "start" button to search, an input field is going out to the bottom most.

"Favorite" if a folder is found, the folder in the "favorite" folder is confirmed. For example "link" when there was only a folder, it's confirmed whether other favorites aren't in the "linking" folder. There is a possibility that I have moved to a "link" folder by mistake.

"Favorite" the "address book" folder near the folder and a "download" folder will check the contents.

It's also good that the name of the site made a favorite will search for a remembered rink name by a checking function. If I search, and it's found, it's right-clicked and a context menu is opened, and the location of the file "is opened", it's clicked.


When "Google Chrome" as well as IE use a different browser for "Opera", "Firefox" and "Safari", I hope that you check those "favorites". When installing a different browser, there are an occasion with the import function in which IE takes "favorite" and a possibility that the same favorite is registered.

A PC, more than one, when having it, it's same, and there is a possibility that even other PCs register "favorite" similarly, so I hope that you check it.


It's handwork, a favorite, the history is used to restore without help. When a "star" icon of Internet Explorer (IE) (favorite) is opened, there is an item of "the history" in right end. The lower arrow which sticks to the right of "the history" is clicked, and the menu is indicated, and it's possible to choose "the frequency order which indicated a site" etc. and confirm the site which came so far. It's remembered and it's added to the favorite newly while seeing this history.

When introducing a Google tool bar, a Google tool bar is sometimes also managing the history. Showing a custom button to "The web history - Google  I search for the web history." including a check by a custom button, and when clicking a "a web, history" button on the Google tool barbershop, a list of the pages which came so far can be indicated. The search history "is preserved in a computer" by setting of a Google tool bar, when being not made a check on, the history can't be seen.


The end is recovery method using "restoration software". "Favorite" when not making the installation of application and the preservation of data new so much after a folder is eliminated, there is a possibility that you can restore by restoration software. Unless eliminated data is overwritten, it's left somewhere. I think if possible, restoration software is downloaded by a different PC, and I hope that you carry out via USB. "Favorite" a folder is restored in an eliminated PC, because there is a possibility that you overwrite data when it itself is installed softly. When searching by "restoration software" etc. at Google and Yahoo, restoration software comes out variously.


By the way, you can't restore by the "of a system, restoring" function included in a PC by the standard. "Restoration of a system" restores installed screwdriver and system, but nothing is done to the user data such as "MyDocument" and "favorite".

The prevention which copies a "favorite" folder and preserves it in the different place is necessary so that such thing won't be from now on, isn't it?