Careful selection! The free typing software which will be done immediately on the browser

Without installing software, touch-typing can be practiced by a browser of IE. Practice of touch-typing wrote the article to which I say "abcdefg..." when I needed only to strike it, but I get tired only with that, so I think it's better to be funny and practice by a game sense.

When searching for typing software by a web, it's possible to find many free free software and pay software. It's troublesome to install in a PC and I don't know which software you'd like.

So I try actually, and a beginner is funny easily and introduces a typing practice application of the game sense to tend to practice in the software. It's possible to taste the pleasure and exhilarating feeling while practicing.


It's being written each time, but when practicing by a game of typing software, please don't forget 2 important things by touch-typing.

  1. A keyboard isn't seen.
  2. If a key is struck, a finger is returned to a home position certainly.


The careful selection free typing application which will be begun immediately by a browser without free installation

  • Easy typing
    A picture of the keyboard is indicated and you tell me a struck place. It's very easy and easy to understand. It's given a push for a beginner.

  • Sarauchi
    A keyboard isn't indicated. The game which is boiling HON and is healed. A dwarf who aims at food is repulsed.

  • Shooting typing
    Exhilarating feeling can be tasted. A keyboard isn't indicated. Game like "TOKUUCHI" of pay software.

  • e-typing
    A picture of the keyboard is indicated and you tell me a struck place. The degree of improvement of the typing can be confirmed. I hope that you use it for a force check and a check of the level.


There is free software which can be downloaded from "Vector" besides the web application.

"YoiYoi typing of a BIBI sergeant" etc. is the lesson form, and application can be even learned from a basis gradually. It isn't practice method I recommend, but I think very good software.

It's "TOKUUCHI of sourcenext" that pay software was fine for the end.

There is only pay typing software as expected, and it's very fascinating. Sound is intolerably good, so it's exciting and there is exhilarating feeling. A person can strike touch-typing continuously after it's certain degree of and he starts to cut it, so I think exhilarating feeling can be tasted.


Practice of touch-typing will often get tired immediately, but please try the typing software I introduced variously and be brought along happily. When touch-typing can be done now, I think it becomes a lot that Twitter and an article of a blog are written. It'll be written a little about an input method of the Roman alphabet change and the character which is often used next time.

Simplicity says and it's too easy! Practice method of touch-typing acquisition

Cool touch-typing  can be done now by easy practice. abcdefghijklmn. It's just struck.

Practice method of touch-typing is easy. Please don't see a keyboard, abcdef. It's just struck. I think "JFJF" in a home position and "A, I, U, E, O" of a vowel don't need struck practice while seeing the practice it'll be sleepily and something. The practice from which the character and the thought of which I thought by a head are transmitted to a finger just as it is is done. abcdefg.. even the word one thought of is OK without well.


It'll be review, but there are 2 important things by touch-typing.

  1. A keyboard isn't seen.
  2. If a key is struck, a finger is returned to a home position certainly.

Please always worry about it. When returning a hand to a home position, I search the feeling of the finger for the mark which sticks to a key of "F" and "J" and return it. A right hand uses a mouse in particular, so using a mouse, I'll can retrogress.


I think I'm ready for practice by a last article. If I'm ready, it'll be practice right away.

  1. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz is practiced.
  2. A Space key, an Enter key and BackSpage key are practiced.


In turn, an alphabet will be struck. You don't have to be conscious of a lowercase capital letter in particular. When not doing CapsLock, I think it'll be lowercase.

"Note pad" etc. is opened, and, a condition of half-size character input, ", abcdefg...] and a keyboard will be struck. It's struck earnestly until it can't be seen and can be struck smoothly. When also doing for 30 minutes, I think an outline can be done now.

If it becomes possible, it's also a little good that "hello" and "good" will strike the word I know. It's important, so I say many times, but you aren't supposed to see a keyboard at the same time. When not knowing the position, I see a keyboard schematic, search a sense of a hand for it and strike it.


When time has passed, arrangement is forgot, but it's a little no problem. It's accustoming, so nature and a finger start to go there soon.


If an alphabet is certain degree of and comes, a Space key, an Enter key and BackSpage key are practiced as the key which is often used.

It's struck with "abcdefg", it's struck with a space key and "hijklmn" and En turkey is struck. A space key is hit with a thumb. Right and left are good for both thumbs, but it's also used at conversion into Japanese language, so I think a thumb of a right hand is preferred. A thumb of a left hand uses left change-lessness" of a space key for a key. I think you don't have to be conscious in particular.

En turkey uses the little finger of a right hand or the ring finger of a right hand. En turkey is also expressed with return, so please think "return key" is also the same one.

When making a mistake in the character, a Back Space Key will be struck. A Back Space Key uses the ring finger of a right hand. I think it's understood when postponing a finger until the one of BackSpage key, but the ring finger is easier to receive than the little finger, isn't it?


It's written so that En turkey and a Back Space Key may use the little finger by other sites but it's no problem the finger I tend to strike. The ring finger of a right hand is used, but I sometimes use the middle finger of a right hand. Please change it to yourself way by the location where the length of the finger and means are put.


Earnestness "abcdefg..." If you can practice and do now, please try a Japanese change.


The back is accustoming, so I think you should increase the number of times which touches a keyboard and be familiar. The little finger, as it could be used now, I think considerable progress.

Please be always conscious as I won't return to strike 2 previous fingers immediately. I touch about typing software next time.

Touch-typing is acquired! An important thing, only 2! The volume of preparations for practice

To acquire touch-typing, practice is prepared.

First there are 2 important things by touch-typing.

  1. A keyboard isn't seen.
  2. If a key is struck, a finger is returned to a home position certainly.

When I always have this in mind, it's brought along early. First, it's prepared for practice.

  1. A schematic of a keyboard is made.
  2. The charge for each finger is confirmed.
  3. The index finger is put in "F" and "J" (It's prepared for a home position.)


An important one was to decide not to see a keyboard. I don't know the position of the character at the beginning, so a schematic of a keyboard is put next to the keyboard of a PC. When forgetting the location of the character, not to see a key of a PC, but the keyboard schematic is seen and checked. Arrangement of a keyboard depends on the model of the PC for a short while, so the PC is taken by a digital camera, and thinks I hope that you print that by a printer. When it's written, it's remembered, so it's written by itself, and it may be made with a ruler and a pen.

When buying a new PC, I confirm the key arrangement certainly. Doesn't a Home key become same with an arrow key? The point of view of the Delete key, the point of view of the BackSpage key and the length of the space key are confirmed. I think that and something as key arrangement are important.


Next which key to strike in each finger, charge is decided perfectly. For example the index finger of a left hand and "J" are decided the index finger of a right hand for "F". When searching, "home position" can be confirmed by a search of Google. A symbol and a figure may be ignored here. Please confirm only the alphabet accurately.

It's also because it's English to remember by an alphabet, but it's to do the Roman alphabet change when striking Japanese. There are Japanese syllabary change and Roman alphabet change, but 4 steps of eye also increases, and the key I have to remember if it's the Japanese syllabary change, is quite serious. There is little keystroke compared with the Roman alphabet change for the Japanese syllabary change, even if I'm not particular to there when putting human thought into writing, it can be hit with the Roman alphabet change with no problem.

Even if I say that the charge for a finger is confirmed, not which key is where, but which finger is taking charge of a key where or? When you'd think an outline equals the left slant, it's OK.

One finger takes charge of 3 keys with the top, a center and the bottom. Only the index finger is the hard worker who takes charge of 6 alphabets. I think I hope that you classify by color the keyboard schematic made a short while ago.


I think it isn't necessary to memorize the location of the alphabet. While practicing, a finger remembers naturally, and starts to move sensuously.


A keyboard has at the place by the hand called a home position. Even if there is POTCHI in "F" and "J" of a keyboard, and one copy is hollow, and a keyboard isn't seen, you can touch by a fingertip and check it. The index finger of a left hand is put at "F". The index finger of a right hand is put at "J". It's completion of preparations with this.


When I make a mistake in charge for a finger, I'll practice wastefully, so please check it tightly. The next article is about practice method increasingly.

Can't I put it on by touch-typing? Is it troublesome to practice?

When touch-typing can be done, it's possible to increase the future time.

A PC still wanted to be widely used around a student, so I practiced by a typewriter of Olivetti. There was a motivation to which I say "I'd like to strike a key coolly." in case of me, but how about everyone? It was regarded as the effect of the touch-typing about a motivation.

We may not also assume "It's also troublesome to practice and, because it isn't necessary in particular." a notice from first for the person who can hit it with earliness certain degree of using an index book. A PC just was made and was being the proper time. I think touch-typing is necessary. It isn't possible, it's better for it to be possible more and I think when I resemble that you can ride a bicycle now.


First I think I hope that you find the own reason to give a mind to do and a motivation. If touch-typing is done, it can be proud. It's rewarded for your husband and wife. I think everything is good.

When touch-typing is done, there is an impression. The impression when wearing glasses for the first time! The impression when making it contact for the first time! The impression when a bicycle could take it! The impression when 2 feet were arranged in order, and it could stop at ski! Touch-typing is forming gradually, so there may be no impressions with such dramatic change, but I think one looks proud.

That it's spent comfortably with ZU from here or it's just as it is and that good? A keyboard is seen, a screen is seen, a keyboard is seen again and a screen is seen again, and, I search umm for the character, and, 、、、. It's transmitted to a fingertip from the state that I was searching a keyboard for a word, was informing a finger and was striking a keyboard naturally that I thought touch-typing could be done, and you play. Thought will be a word in a screen and show immediately. Such world is waiting. It's freed from pain of aversion to a PC and character input.

The merit of the touch-typing will be raised.

  • Only a screen should be seen.
  • Time can be saved.
  • Character input isn't troublesome.
  • It isn't irritated any more.
  • I come to like a PC.
  • Idea will be sentences immediately.
  • A keyboard will be something casual like a pencil.
  • Fatigue of an eye becomes little.
  • I don't have stiff shoulders.
  • You can make up with work efficiently.
  • Work is broad-minded.
  • The appearance is cool.


Time to be hitting a keyboard with 1 finger and 2 and practice time a little now compared with the spent total hours too much in the future is just a little. The life without practicing a bicycle, which can fall down with the life which doesn't ride a bicycle, even make a bruise, practice and take it now, and can be spent much comfortably. Which would you like? The life which just takes a passenger seat of a car and the life which can drive a car freely. Which would you like?

It may be exaggerated a little, but without becoming a silly prejudice first, I think it's important to try. The person who could read can be done now by all means to here.


It was written about a motivation to touch-typing this time. When practice was disagreeably, I think if you'd read this article again. It'll be written about preparations of practice of very easy touch-typing by the next article.

7 recoveries when closing, and restoration method which put out "favorite"

I search for a web and register a good site and the site which often comes with a favorite, but when the favorite information is eliminated by mistake, you're quite in trouble, right?

I'll introduce restoration method when having put out "favorite", and recovery method.

  • The trash can is checked.
  • It's confirmed whether you have not moved to other folders.
  • The "favorite" of other browsers is checked.
  • The "favorite" of other PCs is checked.
  • The history of IE is confirmed.
  • The web history of the Google tool bar is confirmed.
  • I restore by restoration software.

First, please check in "trash place". There is a possibility in the trash can. When there is much, method of representing is done in detail, and I hope that you do the "the elimination date and time" order and the "kind" in turn. I think it's "the internet  Short cut" as the kind.


Next a possibility which has been the mistake which does well and has moved to other folders is considered. First "favorite" a folder is found. There is a "favorite" folder in "C:Users (the user), Favorites" in Windows Vista. Please change (the user) to your account. Even if I search for "Favorites" by a search, it's found. When clicking a "start" button to search, an input field is going out to the bottom most.

"Favorite" if a folder is found, the folder in the "favorite" folder is confirmed. For example "link" when there was only a folder, it's confirmed whether other favorites aren't in the "linking" folder. There is a possibility that I have moved to a "link" folder by mistake.

"Favorite" the "address book" folder near the folder and a "download" folder will check the contents.

It's also good that the name of the site made a favorite will search for a remembered rink name by a checking function. If I search, and it's found, it's right-clicked and a context menu is opened, and the location of the file "is opened", it's clicked.


When "Google Chrome" as well as IE use a different browser for "Opera", "Firefox" and "Safari", I hope that you check those "favorites". When installing a different browser, there are an occasion with the import function in which IE takes "favorite" and a possibility that the same favorite is registered.

A PC, more than one, when having it, it's same, and there is a possibility that even other PCs register "favorite" similarly, so I hope that you check it.


It's handwork, a favorite, the history is used to restore without help. When a "star" icon of Internet Explorer (IE) (favorite) is opened, there is an item of "the history" in right end. The lower arrow which sticks to the right of "the history" is clicked, and the menu is indicated, and it's possible to choose "the frequency order which indicated a site" etc. and confirm the site which came so far. It's remembered and it's added to the favorite newly while seeing this history.

When introducing a Google tool bar, a Google tool bar is sometimes also managing the history. Showing a custom button to "The web history - Google  I search for the web history." including a check by a custom button, and when clicking a "a web, history" button on the Google tool barbershop, a list of the pages which came so far can be indicated. The search history "is preserved in a computer" by setting of a Google tool bar, when being not made a check on, the history can't be seen.


The end is recovery method using "restoration software". "Favorite" when not making the installation of application and the preservation of data new so much after a folder is eliminated, there is a possibility that you can restore by restoration software. Unless eliminated data is overwritten, it's left somewhere. I think if possible, restoration software is downloaded by a different PC, and I hope that you carry out via USB. "Favorite" a folder is restored in an eliminated PC, because there is a possibility that you overwrite data when it itself is installed softly. When searching by "restoration software" etc. at Google and Yahoo, restoration software comes out variously.


By the way, you can't restore by the "of a system, restoring" function included in a PC by the standard. "Restoration of a system" restores installed screwdriver and system, but nothing is done to the user data such as "MyDocument" and "favorite".

The prevention which copies a "favorite" folder and preserves it in the different place is necessary so that such thing won't be from now on, isn't it?

A child will be taken, and participates in an event in an area aggressively.

There was town simultaneous cleaning from eight o'clock in a morning on Sunday. The activity the cleaning will be made same with vicinage's person by everyone, and that cleans the around house and highway. I think that I go this time every year. Many flowers of the cherry tree which scattered and fallen leaves fall in the end on the road.

They're able the person who can't participate will pay the price of a little, and to exempt. Even though it's troublesome, I think it's wasteful that I don't participate in an event in an area. I think it's very important to meet everyone in an area and speak. Even if a face of safe security in an area and a child are noisy and idle, you see generously, and I think there is a merit of much by an exchange with a neighborhood.

Well, I forget simultaneous cleaning completely, and, I beat in Tsuma, you're woken up, and, it was participation. I have changed the clothes short and have gone outside with a broom and a dispersal chicken. In the one cleaned already "Good morning!" It also becomes fine in refreshing feeling.

She thought it was play for a child, but my daughter participated, too. While a lot of people were cleaning, my daughter cried "It was only a grandmother and a grandfather." with loud voice. Everyone was giving a bitter smile, but a smiling face and laughter overflowed in a refreshing morning. My daughter is doing a part of an exchange in an area with an innocent weapon as a child, too, isn't she?

A child also remembers a form of thing, and it's absorbing various things and is growing.

I went to a touring by bicycle with my daughter in a bank in a riverside on a fine weekend in spring. Many cherry trees and rape blossoms were in bloom, and pink of a cherry tree and yellow of a rape blossom were very beautiful.

I stopped a bicycle, smelled a flower in spring and caught Shichisei ladybug. I taught a child "Oil was made of this rape blossom." at the same time.

Some Japan and wife done for a while were buying a flower. There was also a yellow rape blossom seen at a bank in the flower.

My daughter divulged "Oil was made of a rape blossom." at that time and suddenly.

Though I was that it was slightly necessary when going for a walk by a touring, a child was astonished that it's remembered tightly. Everything is absorbed and a child in this time is learning, isn't he?

I remember that I said casually, and it's surprise. I didn't think "Didn't a child understand yet?", and thought I'd like to tell much to you. It's early also to remember the manner of the game and the game of "rock-paper-scissors", but a child is absorbing various things, isn't he?

The way a training wheel nothingness is done and to tell a way to ride of a bicycle to a child

When you can do a training wheel nothingness and ride a bicycle, a field of activities spreads. My daughter could take it now by 4 years old. I think the quite early one.

I rarely say that I'd like do a training wheel nothingness and ride a bicycle from a child, so I need adult aggressive approach. I'm not eager to get tired right now and take it at the beginning no matter what.

I'll inform whether they're my child in case of and the one able to do a training wheel nothingness and ride a bicycle how.


The front where my daughter is a house until you can do a training wheel nothingness and ride a bicycle, I was playing by bicycle with a training wheel. But 3 rear wheels are to have that, and it's difficult to go up a step and turn. Moreover when the speed comes out, the sound a training wheel is surrounded will be "gar, gar and gar" very noisily. So a motivation of the adult who says "He told in order to do a training wheel nothingness and ride a bicycle neatly." rose.

It's necessary also to raise child's motivation. Even a forward upward circling is also so by swimming, but it'll be to show you the form that someone of the same age is made and made. I make them understand that I say "Because look has that child, too, you can do, too."

When you can do a training wheel nothingness and ride a bicycle, I tell whether it's however good. "With a father, of a riverside, touring, and, you can go to a far big park, and it's possible to buy a favorite snack at a far cheap sweet shop."

While telling, it's always praised, praised and praised. "I say and prefer to here, here. Immediately. It's possible, here. Its condition. Good. Well, good. Valuable! A little more.".


Now, it's a teaching method of an essential actual technique, but there is often a person who removes and practices only 1 one side of a training wheel. I think it's better to stop this. A balance sense is difficult to get and I think it's an adverse effect. Both training wheels are taken nobly, and I hope that you practice.

First the one told first is the corrective action when a bicycle stopped, to take fearfulness. When a bicycle stopped with the rear, if I'm falling down, I teach to support with a foot.

Being certain degree of and after having come, I'll have behind the bicycle earnestly, and I make them pedal a bicycle by myself, and makes them advance it. "Only the handle" there is also a way to teach "As much as I row." separately, but with thinking nothing in particular, I think it's good to practice earnestly. He runs about by a kneeling position, so an adult comes to have a pain in the lower back and is serious, but this exerts itself and is DOKORO. My daughter could do a training wheel nothingness and ride a bicycle now from around the 3rd using the weekend. When practicing, the brakes is hit certainly, and makes them conscious that it stops. You can make the training wheel nothingness safe surely and take a self-train now with this.

We of first can just ride a bicycle while being just unsteady, and it isn't possible to bend using centrifugal force successfully. I taught "When bending, I hoped that you tilted a body a little.", but when I'm being familiar, it can be done now naturally, so I don't need worry.

When you're becoming able to take it, I run through the various ways such as a highway and a slope, so please be careful of a person and a car and enjoy oneself.


When my daughter could do a training wheel nothingness and ride a bicycle, though I'm a child, I shed tears and was moved. "Even four-year-old child has the mind by which it impresses it. The experience of getting it over for myself is the one through life.", Please see it together with an article.

Child's baby tooth came out. It bends slantingly, so I'm anxious about an alignment of teeth.

My baby tooth of my daughter came out. It was the state that a tooth was quite loose for a long time. It comes off, just before, for, I touch gums by 1 point, and, just beside, it was to the extent it moved.

When the baby tooth which came out will be seen, while it's different from an adult permanent tooth, and a tooth, it's a hollow, and emptiness. The thickness of the substantia adamantina and the ivory matter is light and soft compared with a permanent tooth, and it's said that the baby tooth melts in the nature of the baby tooth. So it's a hollow in the baby tooth which came out, isn't it?

A human body grows, but it's said that that it's exchanged perfectly is only a tooth. I also have a doubt whether a tooth doesn't grow big, but is a baby tooth because it's too small and isn't useful any more for an adult?

A worrying one is an alignment of teeth. I and my wife have irregular teeth, and I think it may be inherited. My permanent tooth of my daughter becomes a little slanting inside. Maybe it was also necessary to remove it rather early for an alignment of teeth, but I was waiting to come off naturally this time. When it had begun to shake, you examined at the dentist's, but it was said that they didn't need worry in particular. After coming off, I think you'll examine at the dentist's.


If an upper tooth could be pulled out to space between the ceiling and the roof if a lower tooth could be pulled out before, it was being thrown to a space under the porch, wasn't it? My baby tooth also has such memory. The baby tooth which came out is very small compared with a permanent tooth, and lovely somehow, and pretty, don't it?

Tips manages a new function of Windows7, 6 elections of animation manual and choice site

A new function and the site to check how to use were gathered about Windows7. I had make an article write the following site on reference, too.


The information which can be used from a beginner to an expert is filling. If Windows7 is introduced, I hope that you put it through the first time.

The "accelerator" it's translated easily about the chosen character, and for which you can search

Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) has the function as "accelerator".

"Accelerator" is the function which indicates a search and a translation result easily based on a chosen character string. When the character which is being browsed is chosen, an icon of a slanting arrow is indicated near the mouse. When this icon is clicked, the item of the search and the translation site is indicated. This icon is called "smart tag". 4, "blog", "map", "e-mail" and "translation" are registered with the indicated item.

The registered accelerator can be changed freely. There are many accelerators which can be used for convenience such as "the price. com", "Yahoo! dictionary" and "YouTube and, it's animated with a pleasant smile, tool bar".


Addition method of an accelerator

  1. "Tool" "the internet option" is chosen from the menu.
  2. The "add-on, management" button in the "program" tab of the dialogue is clicked.
  3. "Add-on management" the "accelerator" on the left side of the dialogue is clicked.
  4. In the screen lower left, [of an additional accelerator, search] is clicked.
  5. A list of accelerators is indicated.
  6. The button which is favorite service [An add-on is installed.] is clicked and a "adding" button is clicked.


Troublesome customization is needed, but to make it the accelerator which can be used it's convenient, so I hope that you establish it once.

Method of representing on the back menu which is Windows7 and is convenient. "Shift" key + right click

I have the convenient back menu by Windows. When it's right-clicked by Windows, a context menu is indicated, but when it's right-clicked while pressing a "Shift" key at the same time, something indicated is different depending on the kinds of files, but the indicated item increases.

The following item is added in Windows7.

  • It opens by a new process.
  • A command window is opened here
  • It's copied as a pass.
  • It's carried out as the different user.
  • It's shown to Start menu.

When I know, it can be used conveniently, so please try by all means.

The "Windows Live movie maker" which could output now by the DVD form

It was the animation edit software which can be used finally. Standards aren't a to be equipped with upgrade of "Windows movie maker" so far, I seem to be reformed newly.

There are 2 wonderful functions added newly in "Windows Live movie maker".

  1. "Automatic, movie"
  2. The DVD form corresponds to the various output forms.

"Automatic, movie" the function registers a picture, an animation and music, just clicks a button once and makes BGM and the title automatically, and sight can make the original animation which tells. Of course, the edit will be also possible later.

The output form was only WMV, but the former "Windows movie maker" could make the DVD form the various output forms now. There are for portable devices and a form for e-mails besides the DVD form. More upload to YouTube also became possible.

A DVD can choose several kinds of resolution such as 16:9 and the full HD output, so they seem able to use it, don't they?

The way to eliminate the reading history at the time of an end and the way to eliminate the reading history manually

When breaking the in case of used with the family and a PC, you'd sometimes like to put out the reading history, right? I'll introduce 2 ways to put out the reading history.

It's explained in IE8, but IE7 and IE6 are made in the same way. It's established from the tool" menu of IE8, but to eliminate the reading history when the menu isn't shown to the upper part of IE8, please press a "Alt" key. The menu is indicated temporarily.


The way to eliminate the reading history at the time of an end

  1. "The internet option" is opened from "tool".
  2. A "in general" tab of the internet option is chosen.
  3. "The reading history eliminates at the time of an end" by the item of "the history of the reading", a check is put in.


The way to eliminate the reading history manually

  1. "The internet option" is opened from "tool".
  2. A "in general" tab of the internet option is chosen.
  3. DELETE button is pressed with the item of "the history of the reading", and the dialogue of "elimination of the history of the reading" is indicated.
  4. An elimination button is pushed towards "the history" including a check.


The person who left it is convenient for the reading history, but you'd like to put it out to protect privacy, right?

Then Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) can hold the tab which closed once again and group a tab.

The convenient function around which a tab can be grouped opened the tab which was IE8 and closed once again, and was added.

IE8 classifies by color a related tab automatically. A tab of an identical group is gathered, and, it closes, operation became possible.

A context menu indicates that it's right-clicked on the tab, and "This tab  A group is closed." and "of this tab, group release" are added during it.

When opening a tab and being grouped in plenty to check something, the grouped tab can be closed by lumping. This function may not be used so much, but there is also an item to which I say "The tab which closed is opened once again.", and this may be convenient.

It's becoming convenient variously, but it's really subtle whether it's used, isn't it?

The way which is Wondows7 and starts without input of "user name" and "password"

The way to make them "log on automatically".

When using a PC by an individual, it's troublesome to input "user name" and "password" each time, isn't it? There is a problem like security, but I think the exclusive personal PC used at a house is OK.

A PC I possess is used by the family and they aren't being used appropriately by the user, so it's established in order just to push "power supply button" and use it immediately.

It can't be established from a Control Panel, so "the file name is designated and carried out, the command" is used. Even if "Windows key" and "R key" are pushed, the file name is designated and carried out "", it's possible to make the dialogue indicate, but it isn't shown to Start menu by default, so please consult the article written before.


The procedure which starts without input of "user name" and "password" will be below.

  1. The file name is designated, and it's execution, inputs "control userpasswords2" and starts.
  2. "User account" you indicate the dialogue.
  3. The user who logs on automatically is chosen.
  4. A check of "for the user to use this computer, by input of a user name and a password, need" is removed and a "OK" button is clicked.
  5. Input of a password can be asked, so a password is input and a< OK> button is clicked.


You can log on automatically from next time with this. Because it's the PC used every day, you'd like to use it comfortably, right?

The child's "mumps" which isn't superficial. Intense pain and heat are involved.

My daughter had mumps. The symptom was very heavy, so my experience is gathered.

"Painful YO. Painful YO. Painful YO. Painful YO. Painful YO. Painful YO. Painful YO. Painful YO.", And, I keep appealing to me with slender voice, and I reserve under the ear by small hand and am crying. An eye has a fever near 40 times, and it's solid under the ear and swells, and it's in the half-open state with thoron, and the bottom is swelling big under the face. I have an expression out of which the one which has a pain under its jaw or the jaw was taken at the front a little. When I'm looking after a child, it's really pitiful, and tears are also flowing here. Pitiful. I'd like to change. I want you to recover early.

There is a case that I had old "mumps", too, and there is only a dear memory. I have no memory which had pain with that a friend is playing outside like this only by the memory I was seeing all the while from a window and ran a fever.

My daughter has been attacked with a disease in the last day when she's traveling. When I went home, I looked for an emergency hospital immediately and brought you to the hospital by car.

I had a medical examination with "mumps", but it's said that they have no choice but to cure specific medicine by themselves by the self-healing power which cries in particular. Considerable heat and a pain were involved, so I got an alleviating fever painkiller for 2 days.

My daughter bought children's buffer phosphorus of the same ingredient as "Acetaminophen" which wasn't enough for 2 days and was prescribed "buffer phosphorus for infants" and made them drink. It's just tasted by the orange taste, saliva also neither seemed to go out nor like the taste well, and my daughter wasn't drinkable successfully. When a salivary gland is stimulated, "mumps" involves the pain, so I think the powder drinkable for water was good. I dehydrated briskly, had a cuddle, lay by the side and was near usual as it wasn't dehydration.

It's a bad thing that that would be a problem most in a nursery school. It was helpful that I was taking consecutive holidays in May exactly, but there is work after consecutive holidays, so I have a grandmother come in a hurry. It's troublesome, but when swelling pulls it perfectly and I don't have doctor's guarantee, you can't go to a nursery school. It was correspondence after 18 o'clock at an emergency hospital, so you have to go to pay a special medical cost.

You also touch about a complication, right? You made ask at the hospital about a fearfulness complication. There is something as "meningitis aseptica", and difficulty in hearing seems to be left as aftereffect, but when resting, it's said that they recover just in case. When the neck can't be made the front by itself, and a back can't be done roundly, it's said that it's suspected of "meningitis aseptica". Marrow liquid is taken from a back to check it accurately, and it's said that they confirm whether there isn't a mumps virus.


It was special, so it was checked about "mumps".

"Mumps" calls an official name "the epidemic parotitis". It's infected by droplet transmission of a sneeze and contact infection by the sickness which happens by a virus as a mumps virus.

An incubation stage is about 2 weeks. The period until I develop the symptoms is called an incubation stage after it's infected.

When an incubation stage passes, one under the ear is swelling at the same time as I become feverish. Fever will be also nearly 40 times fairly by a high fever. Swelling under the ear is sometimes a one side, but it'll be in the full state under both cheeks, and a parotid under the ear becomes solid. The parotid is going to make saliva and eats a thing, and when saliva goes out, hurts. When something is eaten, a salivary gland is stimulated and the intense pain is involved, so a thing can't be eaten. Something lightly-flavored avoids something with the strong sour taste of the orange juice which stimulates a salivary gland, and is good for milk and "porridge". Even if it's infected, the symptom doesn't sometimes go out, but the symptom continues for about about 1 week.

A remedy is a virus, so there is no medicine which gets rid of a mumps virus, and the self-healing power just waits to recover naturally it means that. When heat and a pain are terrible, I cool the part which swelled and take an alleviating fever painkiller, but it won't be fundamental treatment. The pain and the symptom of the heat were terrible, so my daughter eased the pain with heat by a prescription of "Acetaminophen" etc. and buffer phosphorus for infants. To avoid a dehydration, I made "aqua light" and "POCARI SWEAT" drink, and decided to rest and not to miss water supplement.

When it's infected once, I get effective immunity for life, so the preservative is to begin once, but a vaccine as "MMR vaccine" seems to be here just in case. There are pros and cons in vaccine inoculation at present, so it seems to be optional inoculation.


I'm not supposed to think "mumps" a soft touch so much.

A peach pineapple and a snack bar pineapple were eaten in Okinawa!

It was quite possible to check it by the Internet before and eat the pineapple of illusion I wanted to eat finally. It's torn up by a peach fragrance, the peach pineapple which has the taste and a hand, and it's an eaten snack bar pineapple.

They were eaten impressions, but I smelled of a peach certainly and thought when the true color was also called little in white, it also had the taste like peach, but I said clearly, and it wasn't too different from an ordinary pineapple. It's also here that I don't become mature yet, but there are no impressions which are to the extent I'm surprised.

A snack bar pineapple comes off by hand really. It's fascinating to come off, the taste was ordinary. This may also be the cause which isn't matured.

Peach pineapples and snack bar pineapples are sold by "international street" and "Makishi public market" which are tourist attraction in Naha. "International street" "Makishi public market" is also less expensive lay. I thought it was bought 1, and ate by everyone at a hotel, but I have been satisfied to try it.

Peach pineapples and snack bar pineapples were also sold at a gift shop in Naha Airport. Surprisingly, sampling is also large sheet behavior and isn't the price also low? If it's bought for a gift, I think I'd like the return airport. Sweetness, it looks like after maturity which melts is eaten, shank.

The way which is Windows7 and shows "the file name is designated and carried out, the command" to Start menu

"The file name is designated and carried out, the command" isn't indicated by default in Windows7. You'd like to show to Start menu like WindowsXP and WindowsVista, right?

It's simple to indicate. "Property in a taskbar and Start menu" is opened and "customization" of a "Start menu" tab is chosen. OK is just made "the file name is designated and carried out, the command" including a check in it.


Additionally when the following also makes them indicate, it's convenient.

  • System management tool (It's shown to all program menus.)
  • Download (It's indicated as a link.)
  • Picture (It's indicated as a link.)
  • Video (It's indicated as a link.)


Even if "Windows key" and "R key" are pushed, the file name is designated and carried out "", the dialogue can make them indicate. "rgedit" and "cmd" are often used, so when it's indicated, it's convenient, isn't it?

How to find it the location with the (SendTo) folder Windows7 sends

The right click menu "sends", for, it's convenient, isn't it? When something is put in, it's burned and a short cut of favorite application is put in "SendTo folder" during "sending", various ones can be added to "the sent menu".

But the location of "SendTo folder" is different from WindowsXP and WindowsVista in Windows7.

The short cut you "are sending" on the context (right click) menu is put in "C:\Users\(the user name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo". Please move " (the user name)" to your user name.

This folder is hidden by a default setting, and isn't indicated. A pass above-mentioned is input to a search box, and I hope that you find. Or when "Windows key" and "R key" are pushed, the file name is designated and carried out "", the dialogue is indicated, so even if it's input, and it's carried out, it's possible to indicate "shell:sendto".


I register "IrfanView" of a basic picture viewer with SendTo. When often using it, I hope that you make a short cut of "SendTo folder".

It's partitioned, and easily, a partition can be magnified with Windows7.

A partition can be made easily in Windows7. Before used an exclusive tool, and was the territory where an amateur can't hold his hand out, but this seems made.

  1. The present volume is done small and a space (undefined) is made.
  2. The format does an undefined place.

"Management of a computer" "management of a disk" is opened from etc.. The volume in which I make alterations is right-clicked and "reduction in volume" is chosen from the menu.

Then the dialogue starts and the size before reduction, the size by which reduction is possible and the size reduced actually are indicated. It's possible to operate only the size reduced actually.

When the new partition size is input to this item, and it's carried out, a new partition is made in about tens of seconds. A new partition is right-clicked, the new simple volume is made and the format is done by NTFS to use on Windows7 just as it is.


When there is free space, the existence volume can be expanded. The volume to which the partition size is changed in the same way is right-clicked, "expansion of the volume" is chosen from the menu and it's established.


Operation of a partition became easy, but most isn't fingered, is it?

"Jump list" of Windows7 can be used like "quickstep start bar".

The function which can access the document, the picture, the music and the Web site which are often used directly "jump list" was loaded into Wwindows7.

When opening the item of the file, the folder and the Web site which opened recently, "jump list" puts it in order every used program, and indicates a glance. When "jump list" is used, it's possible to open the item used recently and fixing can show a favorite to "jump list", so you can access the item which is being used every day quickly.


A program icon on the taskbar of Windows7 is right-clicked to open "jump list". Of course, the access is also possible from the [start] menu.

The contents shown to "jump list" are different depending on application programs. Then the Web site with the high reading frequency indicates "jump list" for Internet Explorer, and the song with the high revival frequency indicates a glance in Windows Media Player.

When I say whether it became convenient, even if application isn't started, what is the point that I can access? Even if it could be used irrespective of whether application had started, and I didn't go through the conventional proper procedures which access "the file which opened recently" after application was started, you could access directly now.

A thing like the "quickstep start bar" convenient at WindowsXP and WindowsVista can be done. When a task button of the application is right-clicked and "jumping, list" vanity "This program is shown to a taskbar." is chosen, it's possible to fix on a taskbar.


It's about IE and the mail which are often used that I fix and use "jump list", and there are a lot of people using a launcher who got accustomed, aren't there?

When does a big earthquake occur?

I often have a dream of an earthquake recently. I think that there was an earthquake of magnitude :3.8 in 22:31 on May 5th in Iwate-ken. That's impossible, did you feel the shaking and have a dream?

18:20 seems to be magnitude :4.9 and maximum seismic intensity :4 in Niigata-ken Nakakoshi area on May 1st for a recent big earthquake. An earthquake is its own size for "the magnitude", and "the seismic intensity" shows the strength of shaking a person feels. I think that a small earthquake has happened every day in Japan in an earthquake major power.

When playing with a child, I'll give it a little twist, be conscious of an original goal and play happily.

It's difficult that an adult plays with a preschooler and a kindergartner, isn't it? I rarely have a baby and get tired right now. When you can't win, I cry and become silent.

I think when you can play happily by adding a device to play a little. It's also a hand to play game at which a child is good and do the high backlash which is fortuity as much as possible such as "sugoroku" and "UNO". I induce as I'll make "old maid" etc. of cards pull a card good for a child well.

There is a game I take up quickly by the card which has lined a card such as "tail of a pig" and "donut" roundly with cards and has gone out. This will also be to give it a little twist and be a fun game. A card is increasing one after another, but I hope that the latest child who took up the end makes sure that the person adopted first conversely can have this for most rules. In other words, the rule is made reverse so that I may become sole winner in the game one person becomes loss. It's to make sure that only one person won't make it unpleasant feeling.


The element of hide-and-seek is eliminated, it is made only a simple rule, or the partner who catches first chooses a somewhat large child, and the "can-kicking" etc. which plays outside adjusts a demon well.

When the same play is done 23 times, the child who always discounts appears. The child's feeling isn't overlooked, and induces, changes it to other games and varies so that I may make them win. The pleasure doesn't play together and just considers in a child a little, and doubles.

You'll bring you to the vacant lot where you have no cases that only a game caught a bug, not play and went, and I hope that you remember that adult we were excited before.


I'd like to see the form that a child is glad. I'd like to enjoy myself together. You'd like to decide not to forget that it's a true goal and isn't winning or losing of a game to say so, right? I only get rapturous, blame a form of rule violation and make them defend order, but it's also necessary to teach to defend a rule and order, but I think it's also necessary to see rather a little much.

Now that I play, you'd like to send an adult and a child happily, right? When a child discounted, I cry and fret, time when a child excels, "I won against a father 3 times.", it's delight. The child is really innocent and obedient, isn't he?

Wise how to use by cooperation of "Suica pass" and "Bic Camera Suica card"

The way to save "view thanks point" and "Suica point" efficiently and charge it to Suica. Trouble decreases, and also, a point, you can capture double.


I have "Suica pass" and "Bic Camera Suica card". "Bic Camera Suica card" is a View card of the substantial annual club due no charge. When having these 2, when doing, what did whether you got it most efficiently gather?

A point of 1.5% restoration rate is charged to a Suica pass automatically, and sticks then. The, when shopping at charged e-cash, a point of the restoration rate (1% is) since dropping by a store, sticks 0.5 %, double, a point, Get, can.

It's following 6 to do.

  1. View card registration (first once)
  2. Suica card registration (first once)
  3. It's linked, and, automatic, charge setting (first once)
  4. A ticket and a commutation ticket are bought at a View card (Bic Camera Suica card) (the, every time).
  5. I'll pay by Suica e-cash at the store where Suica e-cash can be used (the, every time).
  6. A point is charged to Suica e-cash once a year (once every year).


First a View card (Bic Camera Suica card) is registered. A View card (Bic Camera Suica card) is registered in VIEW's NET. When registering with "Suica point club", I need the "service ID" here.

The View card detailed statement is made web details in VIEW's NET. A web minute point collects. In other words, every charging it it's possible to get 20 points of view thanks point (50 yen). Every a charge, it's established after this because I'll can have this so and every month, automatic, I hope that you charge it to the smallest price.


Next all Suica cards are registered with a Suica point club. "Suica pass" and "Bic Camera Suica card" are registered. All points are added up, so when also having a Suica card in other ones, that's also registered.


Next it's established in "VIEW ALTTE" in the station. A View card (Bic Camera Suica card) is linked with a Suica pass in "VIEW ALTTE" in the station. It's automatic by a linked thing, it becomes possible to establish a charge.

It's "VIEW ALTTE" continuously, from a View card (Bic Camera Suica card), to a Suica pass, automatic, charge setting is done. I made the execution judgment price: 5000 yen and the payment execution price: of 1000 yen.


Setting is to here and completion. The next is the processing when a point collected. A card of IZURE is also an end of month total in March, so the point is confirmed by the end of March.


If a point confirms the "view thanks point" on a View card (Bic Camera Suica card) in "VIEW's NET" of a Web site by the end of March, and collects, a view thanks point is charged to a Suica pass by "VIEW ALTTE". It's called "thanks charge" to charge a view thanks point. The card charged to the station by some operation of "VIEW ALTTE" is chosen. It's charged to a Suica pass, not a View card (Bic Camera Suica card). E-cash can be consolidated by charging it to a Suica pass.


If a point confirms the Suica point by "Suica point club" of a Web site by the end of March, and collects, I apply for a charge by "Suica point club". Next it's charged to "Suica pass" (card using Suica e-cash) by a ticket vending machine in the station.


It isn't liked to remember that it's checked by the end of March once a year, so I register reminding. To decide not to forget confirmation of a point, it's established so that one may receive a mail including a periodic schedule on March 1st every year by "Googl calendar". It's to send to the mail reminding, and you don't have to do the worry to which I say "I have to confirm the point."


Mobile Suica thinks there is a different method again, but unfortunately my cell phone doesn't correspond, so it isn't being checked. When buying a cell phone newly, I'd like to check it. I'm writing an article already about "Suica point", "Bic Camera View card" and "automatic, charge", so please see it.

I think there is also a wiser way, but this is my method. Please consult.

With the convenient "automatic, charging" service which can be charged to a Suica pass automatically

"Automatic, charge" is the convenient service which can touch an automatic ticket gate, just enter and do payment to Suica (charge).

When passing the ticket gate at the route where a fixed period can't be used, a ticket charge is attracted from the price paid by Suica. Isn't there experience which can notice the balance having disappeared and can't pass the ticket gate? You're quite embarrassed, right?

Automatic, one is painful and such thing will be, and a charge is the remarkable service of which trouble of payment dies. Automatic, it's automatic from "view card" by no charge as well as charge service, it can be charged.

It requires annual club due, so "view card" will recommend you "Bic Camera Suica card" of the substantial annual club due no charge. When shopping at a card even once a year, annual club due becomes free. In other words, automatic, when setting it as a charge, it's the reason which becomes automatic in annual club due no charge.


Automatic, a charge establishes "the execution judgment price" "the payment execution price".

  • The execution judgment price: If a balance remaining in an account will be below the XX yen, I receive money.
  • The payment execution price: The price paid automatically is a YY yen.
  • More than 1000 yen are established by less than 10,000 yen and 1000 yen unit.

For example when the execution judgment price was 5000 yen, and the price by which the payment execution price is paid by Suica at time through in case of and the examination of tickets 1000 yen fell below 5000 yen, 1000 yen are paid by a Suica pass.

Automatic, a charge is "VIEW ALTTE" in the station (BYUARUTTE), and Suica link setting is necessary. It's troublesome, but when establishing it once, more view thanks points can save the time paid each time, and collects, so it's very profitable service.

Several articles of Suica course were written, but what should be done after all? For arrangement, one would like to gather, too. You write an article about the case when you have 2, "Suica pass" and "Bic Camera Suica card" as the premise, right?

Point restoration rate 1.5%. A ticket and a commutation ticket are with a BicCameraView card of the substantial annual club due no charge.

A Suica point started to collect with a Suica pass. I'd like to use it as profitably as possible, so it was checked about the View card it's possible to charge to Suica.

When I shop at a View card and buy a ticket, "view thanks point" collects. "View thanks point" collects on a charge to Suica.

"Suica point" and "view thanks point" are completely an exception. The point which collects by using the e-cash charged to a pass for "Suica point" when I say easily. "View thanks point" is to shop at a View card, and the point which collects. Why will you make various mechanism? I want you to do more simply.


There are almost no cards by which annual club due is no charge with a View card, but I have a good card. Bic Camera Suica card. Bic Camera Suica card is a card of the substantial annual club due no charge. When shopping at a card even once a year, annual club due becomes free.


After all when I say whether a view card is necessary, why does it include the following 3 reasons?

  • Point restoration rate 1.5%
  • It can be charged to a Suica card.
  • Automatic, it can be charged.


The one which becomes point restoration rate 1.5% is a time deposit and a ticket course as follows.

  • Ticket and pass
  • Travel goods in View
  • Suica pass, MySuica (registration style) and Suica card
  • Suica payment by a view card (charge)
  • On a view card with Suica, automatic, charge
  • Payment to mobile Suica by a view card (charge)
  • Suica payment from Suica internet service (charge)
  • To Suica, automatic, charge
  • To mobile Suica, automatic, charge
  • Purchase of an orange card
  • By a cellular phone, "EKINET", liner ticket reservation
  • Purchase of a mobile Suica limited express ticket
  • Purchase of a pass in mobile Suica and a Suica green ticket


When it's gathered about a view thanks point.

  • 1000 yen for 400 points of considerable Suica charge is possible.
  • POINT is yearly as the unit and calculate from April 1st March 31st of next year.
  • The expiration date is until the annual end of March of next year when you got a point.
  • It's performed by "VIEW ALTTE" to charge a view thanks point to Suica.


I think an office worker and a student are using almost all train. While a restoration rate of a usual credit card is 0.5%, don't you get it fairly? Automatic, you write a special article about a charge, right?