Simplicity says and it's too easy! Practice method of touch-typing acquisition

Cool touch-typing  can be done now by easy practice. abcdefghijklmn. It's just struck.

Practice method of touch-typing is easy. Please don't see a keyboard, abcdef. It's just struck. I think "JFJF" in a home position and "A, I, U, E, O" of a vowel don't need struck practice while seeing the practice it'll be sleepily and something. The practice from which the character and the thought of which I thought by a head are transmitted to a finger just as it is is done. abcdefg.. even the word one thought of is OK without well.


It'll be review, but there are 2 important things by touch-typing.

  1. A keyboard isn't seen.
  2. If a key is struck, a finger is returned to a home position certainly.

Please always worry about it. When returning a hand to a home position, I search the feeling of the finger for the mark which sticks to a key of "F" and "J" and return it. A right hand uses a mouse in particular, so using a mouse, I'll can retrogress.


I think I'm ready for practice by a last article. If I'm ready, it'll be practice right away.

  1. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz is practiced.
  2. A Space key, an Enter key and BackSpage key are practiced.


In turn, an alphabet will be struck. You don't have to be conscious of a lowercase capital letter in particular. When not doing CapsLock, I think it'll be lowercase.

"Note pad" etc. is opened, and, a condition of half-size character input, ", abcdefg...] and a keyboard will be struck. It's struck earnestly until it can't be seen and can be struck smoothly. When also doing for 30 minutes, I think an outline can be done now.

If it becomes possible, it's also a little good that "hello" and "good" will strike the word I know. It's important, so I say many times, but you aren't supposed to see a keyboard at the same time. When not knowing the position, I see a keyboard schematic, search a sense of a hand for it and strike it.


When time has passed, arrangement is forgot, but it's a little no problem. It's accustoming, so nature and a finger start to go there soon.


If an alphabet is certain degree of and comes, a Space key, an Enter key and BackSpage key are practiced as the key which is often used.

It's struck with "abcdefg", it's struck with a space key and "hijklmn" and En turkey is struck. A space key is hit with a thumb. Right and left are good for both thumbs, but it's also used at conversion into Japanese language, so I think a thumb of a right hand is preferred. A thumb of a left hand uses left change-lessness" of a space key for a key. I think you don't have to be conscious in particular.

En turkey uses the little finger of a right hand or the ring finger of a right hand. En turkey is also expressed with return, so please think "return key" is also the same one.

When making a mistake in the character, a Back Space Key will be struck. A Back Space Key uses the ring finger of a right hand. I think it's understood when postponing a finger until the one of BackSpage key, but the ring finger is easier to receive than the little finger, isn't it?


It's written so that En turkey and a Back Space Key may use the little finger by other sites but it's no problem the finger I tend to strike. The ring finger of a right hand is used, but I sometimes use the middle finger of a right hand. Please change it to yourself way by the location where the length of the finger and means are put.


Earnestness "abcdefg..." If you can practice and do now, please try a Japanese change.


The back is accustoming, so I think you should increase the number of times which touches a keyboard and be familiar. The little finger, as it could be used now, I think considerable progress.

Please be always conscious as I won't return to strike 2 previous fingers immediately. I touch about typing software next time.